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    Hey, just got myself my first pairof VFFs, the KSO Trek.

    Just want to know if they do tend to loosen and stretch a little over time?
    Also do they become easier to put on?

    I bought some injinji socks at the same time but these bulk out my foot a little making the shoes even trickier. I guess i could try the lightweight version of the socks. the other option is to go sockless and just wash them regularly, i guess they dry quicker than normal shoes anyway.

    guess i'm just looking for some reassurance
    What i do like is that the front of my big toe is the front of the shoe, although the toes aren't as flexible as i'd imagined, i.e. if i curl my toes they just want to slip out of their pockets.

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    I have Merrell barefoot shoes which I love. Just bought some VVF and love them. I have not tried them with socks but I think like you I may find them a bit snug.
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      will they become looser? probably not. will they get more flexible and easier to put on? yes. part of that is the process of getting used to putting them on and moving around in them, and getting your toes used to spreading out more. if it's warm enough, wearing them without socks is great. with socks can make them feel a little tighter, but you want them to be like that. they're not like a regular shoe where your foot has extra space; they're a foot covering, and work best when they are close enough to feel like an extra layer of skin...that will give you the best barefoot experience.
      once you wear them a few times you'll notice it getting easier. and i find that after a wash they seem even more comfortable.


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        The Treks are made of kangaroo leather and will definitely break in and soften over a few days or weeks. Mine also stretched a bit but this is because I have ridiculously wide feet, so it was a good thing. As primalrob said you'll also just get better at getting them on; there's a kind of scooting motion with your toes that you'll learn to do that puts everything where it should go.
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          thanks guys, i cut the tag and decided to keep them, hoping for the best!

          I've been wearing the Vivo Barefoot EVOII for the last month so i'm broken in to my 6 mile daily walking barefoot already and am adjusted to all the wonderful feedback off the ground

          I think i should have got a pair without the trek sole, but hey ho i've got them now