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Could someone define Primal for me?

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  • Could someone define Primal for me?

    I jut joined this website and I'm making myself look like a fool haha. Help?

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    There is a tab at the top of the page that says, "Start Here". Use it. Then we will be happy to answer any questions you might still have.


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      And if you like the tab, you will love the book.
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
      Don't forget to play!


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        Shelby, welcome.

        We eat as natural as possible, no preservatives, no processed foods, as close to our ancestors as we can find. There are some hunters here who come closer to the definition of primal than the rest of us, but you want to buy grass fed beef and that fat is safe to eat, actually good for you. Buy free range, cage free chickens and eggs. Ghee is clarified butter, I buy it at Amazon, and it is wonderful. Use olive and avocado oils, eat avocados often ( they keep in the fridge great), eat macadamia nuts over the rest, fruits in moderation (strawberries and other berries the best), no sugar, breads or grains of any kind.

        BAS ( big ass salads) are a go-to meal for many of us. Mark recommends many greens, organic is best), cukes, mushrooms, peppers, radishes, tomatoes, broc/cauli, all veggies, mostly, and really fill up on them. Small sweet potatoes good, in moderation. Hard boiled eggs, org cheeses, olives and nuts make great snacks.

        He also wants you to get as much slow exercise as possible with some heavy lifting and sprints. Look up shovelglove, basically swinging around a sledgehammer, sounds stupid but so much fun. Primal Blueprint emphasizes fun in the sun and plenty of sleep. It's a wonderful lifestyle that will truly change your life.


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          Originally posted by shelbyeagle143 View Post
          I jut joined this website and I'm making myself look like a fool haha. Help?
          It's one of a number of words that have as the root the Latin word primus meaning first:

          Definition of primal

          What it tends to mean in the context of this website is eating, perhaps also living in general, in accordance with our FIRST way of life. ... Or at any rate in a way that is not too discordant with it.

          Of course, that begs a number of questions, such as how we know what that is. Beyond that, when it comes to human life and behaviour, much of this is determined by culture and history not what was going on in the Pleistocene. There's a vast amount of dodgy assumptions and questionable theorizing in this area. You can rely on a sensible guy like Mark not to put more weight on the concept than it will bear.
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