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Help for friend with pre-diabetes!

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  • Help for friend with pre-diabetes!

    A friend recently told me he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, but apparently now has good results. A little background:

    - He's mid twenties, not overweight, has a beer/wheat gut
    - Cycles a lot with a social group
    - Eats junk - he works for Maccas distribution, eats it ALL the time, along with every other SAD food.
    - Thinks he will get diabetes because his dad already has it, and it's genetic, right?
    - Thinks the junk food is ok, its the best way to get calories - because Michael Phelps eats a lot of junk food so there
    - Thinks he will avoid diabetes as long as he exercises
    - Reliant on energy drinks while riding (this is despite riding with my completely primal BF, who rides with lemon juice and salt in his water bottle, and who destroys him with regards to speed and stamina.

    Basically I really would like some info to send to this guy, something simple to dispel all this bro-science and to show him the basic CAUSE of diabetes. It doesn't have to have a paleo bent, just anything that might get him to reconsider his current way of thinking.

    Really sad to see someone so young, with every opportunity, get this disease just through ignorance

    Hope you can help!
    The Paleo Strongwoman - A site dedicated to strength, and feeding strength.

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    Give him a meter and some test strips.
    Invite him for a meal of real food.
    Don't proselytize.


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      Blood Sugar 101


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        The Definitive Guide to Insulin, Blood Sugar & Type 2 Diabetes (and you’ll understand it) | Mark's Daily Apple


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          Thanks guys, that's exactly what I was looking for!
          The Paleo Strongwoman - A site dedicated to strength, and feeding strength.