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7 wks of Primal & severe depression hit

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    Thanks for the 2nd round of thoughts.

    As a response, let me tell you what I have done since and how I feel since. As I mentioned one day I woke up with severe depression out of nowhere. The next day I woke up with moderate nausea in general and severe meat nausea. Because of the meat nausea and the fact that carbs do seem to help me, I began eating more carbs. I immediately felt better and the depression completely disappeared as I got carbs into my body again. The nausea is better but I still have moderate meat nausea. Just reading about the bone stock makes me nauseous at this point. So if just reading about meatish things can make me nauseous now, I'd say I must have way overdone the meat and/or something weird happens in my metabolism with a lot of meat. That is why I am leaning towards investigating the pyroluria possibility, for which I had a very high score.

    I am not a vegetarian and only did it for any length of time when I was young and didn't feel well after awhile. So I am not rejecting meat per se, but am just having a problem with it right now. I am thinking that on my version of the PB I perhaps ate so much meat that it was too much. I do know the adding carbs back is helping.

    As for 5HTP, I now recall that I once took that for awhile until it too made me nauseous!

    I'm really wondering if I have absorption problems and other subtle problems. So I have an appt next week with the naturopath who tests for pyroluria. Being a naturopath, she insists on an hr long appt and addressing me holistically, so other issues may surface.

    I'm glad the depression disappeared with the adding back of carbs. I researched that on the internet and found mostly that LC cures depression, not the other way around, so I'm puzzled. For me, carbs seem to help.

    Thanks for all your thoughts. I'll report back if I manage to get rid of the nausea and get my energy and appetite back and if the naturopath is able to help.

    My feeling towards primal eating currently is one of being repelled by it all at this point! This is after 7 weeks of going around telling everyone how great it was and being an enthusiastic trier-outer of primal recipes.

    As for exercise, I got weaker and weaker as the weeks went by to the point where exercise is out of the question beyond 4000 steps per day (according to my step counter).