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The ultimate expression of BBC decadence

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  • The ultimate expression of BBC decadence

    It's now alleged that the BBC "personality" Jimmy Sa-vile molested the dead.

    By the way, he's got a knighthood ... which tells you something about the value of contemporary knighthoods. (Personally, I'd be proud not to have something that Rudyard Kipling turned down.)

    There seems no end to the depravity. This follows allegations of sexual assaults on more than 40 women while they were underage. One fifteen-year-old was drugged and molested by several "show business" personalities connected with the BBC and later committed suicide.

    I reckon hunter-gatherers would have sussed this bloke out in five minutes and dealt with him.

    But, of course, the BBC did have him sussed out. They just didn't care. The BBC seems to have been covering this up for years. The BBC also broadcast two "tributes" to the man last December.

    Now it's come into the open, and senior officials at this organisation (which has a permanent hand in the public's pocket) are finding, as the Times's political sketchwriter put it that, like the three wise monkeys, they saw, heard, and said nothing. Of course, there are email archives that show plenty of people have been "economical with the truth".

    Here is Sir Jimmy with the BBC's Head of News:

    This goes right to the top:

    Did BBC news boss block Newsnight's Savile expose with 'impossibly high demands'? | Mail Online

    One tactic the BBC has used is to try to imply that Savile was the only one. Others, including veteran BBC journalist John Simpson have revealed that that is untrue:

    Jimmy Savile Not Only BBC Abuser, Says John Simpson Who 'Tried To Publish Claims But Was Silenced'

    The fact of the matter is that Savile himself is only the ultimate expression of BBC decadence.