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Waking up feeling psychotic/depressed due to allergies/breathing at night

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  • Waking up feeling psychotic/depressed due to allergies/breathing at night

    Let me first say that I am entirely paleo. I do not eat past 9pm and go to bed around 12-1pm, and I get enough sleep. However, when I first awake, I am either euphoric and primed for my work or just plain down with strange thoughts, nonmeditative, hopeless, etc. I don't think it's immediately necessary to go into my mental dialogue throughout my days, but I do believe that it is partially due to allergies at night keeping me from breathing. I use a 12-hour inhaler before bed something, wash my sheets, am allergic to dust, have an air purifier (that may need replacing). With my anti-inflammatory diet, wouldn't this not happen? Could my strong nighttime immune histamine response be flaring whatever inflammation I have? I've tried taking apple cider vinegar, quercetin... things that are said to be good for allergies before bed with very varied results. Some days I wake great and some days I don't at all, and I have never attributed either to anything. What would be my next step? Thanks!!!

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    Your immune system is not a fool-proof shield. Does Benadryl or any other anti-histamine help? How old is your mattress?

    Have you seen an allergist to see about shots? When I got tested for allergies, I was told that different things work for different people. Apparently some people get relief from high doses of Vitamin C. Some people only get relief from OTC options.
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      Are you still consuming cow milk? I have trouble breathing as soon as I eat something made with cow milk


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        Are you meditating? Then welcome to meditation-anger!


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          In regard to your bed... if you get a TempurPedic mattress, you could see relief. They're supposedly unable to trap allergens like dust and mites. I've heard they really good for people with allergies. And definitely invest in a hypo-allergenic pillow. They also supposedly prevent the trapping of allergens.
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            I could try high doses of Vitamin C. No, I don't drink milk, though I had greek yogurt the past two days (I never do). Didn't make anything worse, though. The thing is, I can't really afford a new mattress, or starting to see an allergist. Maybe I should get new hypoallergenic pillow/mattress covers? I already have a pillow one, but it's a bit old. I avoid anti-histamines because they always make me feel... weird and off. Though, a shorter-acting one like Benadryl could help, right?

            What is meditation anger?? I do meditate, but not regularly.

            Also, this is random, but I didn't feel like making a new topic. I chronically take magnesium (1g mag-glycinate spread throughout the day), do I have to think about other co-factors... like, should I also take calcium with it, or would eating leafy vegetables be enough? I take zinc gluconate 25mg/day as well. Thanks!


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              You should google meditation and anger. I just started, and it is unearthening all bad stuff and I went from mild mannered contetn to raging fury; mornings are worst. You can try cutting it out and see if you are getting better. Then you can start slowly again.


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                Originally posted by Chziime View Post
                ... I do believe that it is partially due to allergies at night keeping me from breathing.
                Just an idea but ...

                I was recently listening to some old Paul Chek interviews with Sean Croxton on Underground Wellness Radio.

                (Long story short: I hadn't listened to them partly because when I started to listen to one, he seemed a little wacky to me. However, after I'd recently heard two paleoistas being dismissive of him and his approach, I began to wonder: What might he be saying that I need to know? I do like paleo, but I don't think people should be warned off other approaches. So I went back, downloaded these, and listened to them.)

                One thing he talks about is parasites, which he says are more common than people realize. Apparently, they're more active at night. It seems it's not unusual for people to wake, often in a sweat, because of them.

                I don't know. It's not quite mainstream. But I guess it happens, although how common it is might be debatable. It might be something you could consider as a possibility. Try to match your symptoms, see if there's a definite cycle to it in calendar terms and so on.

                Quite likely not, but I'll throw that in.


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                  I second looking into allergy shots. They basically use your own immune system to lesson your response to allergens. I cannot recommend it enough (N=1).