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Increase in flexibility?

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  • Increase in flexibility?

    I'm 30 and have been feeling stiff in the joints since having my daughter (born June 2011). Partly from carrying her a lot, partly from age? I used to do all yoga asana easily, now it's been challenging especiall in the mornings. My shoulders and lower back suffer most from carrying dd around.

    So these past couple of weeks, I've been drinking bone broth and eating bone marrow daily. I noticed I no longer feel creaky and can easily stretch upon waking. I feel energized and no stiffness even in my lower back. It hasn't been like this for awhile now. Nothing else has changed... Is it possible that bone broth can have such a big effect??

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    yes, it can provide a lot of nutrition that helps with such things.


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      I can't believe the effect can be so dramatic. I'm wrapping my mind around the fact that aging doesn't mean having to get get all stiff and tired.