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An Epidemiological Study I can get behind:

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  • An Epidemiological Study I can get behind:

    Chocolate Consumption, Cognitive Function, and Nobel Laureates
    Franz H. Messerli, M.D.

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    Interesting study. The link just took me to a place that wanted me to purchse the study, but I have access to PubMed b/c I am in grad school, I so I looked up the complete study there. I think they are overlooking an economic influence in that societies that can afford chocolate can also afford better nutrition in general and better education for citizens. Is it the chocolate or is chocolate just somthing you can buy in a more affluent society and it is the affluence that makes the ground fertile for academic achievement...if that makes sense.

    However, I will feel much smarter now, eating my 85% dark chocolate.
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