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Any ideas what's going on ? gallbladder, oxalates etc?

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  • Any ideas what's going on ? gallbladder, oxalates etc?

    HI everyone, I'm brand new here and really hope someone can shed some light on this for me -

    I have a real puzzle here - my symptoms are as follows. -

    Had my gallbladder removed a year ago. Now just starting paleo diet after doing PH diet and also juicing etc as Paleo seems to be MUCH healthier and more scientifically sound than other diets out there

    Just a few questions for the experts.

    Since gall bladder removal a year ago I have been getting intermittent skin itching and burning and also burning of the urethra tube (which is no fun believe me!), it seems when 1 is worse the other is better.

    Had tests done and no water infections etc found. all found to be clear.

    I am at a loss to what is causing it, my thoughts are any of the following -

    Excess bile (from liver) - I cant tolerate bile supplements, but I take NOW enzymes which help with digestion fine).

    Histamine intolerance from foods - I have taken anti histamines with no improvement at all.

    Oxalate issues from foods (I was juicing spinach and other high foods for a good while (months), but stopped a while ago).

    The burning urethra can come and go over the space of 5 mins and I cant relate it to a specific food or anything I have taken in at the time.

    I have also been (last 2 weeks) waking at 4 am approx with increased heart rate, like from a nightmare, but sometimes I remember have a very calm dream, it settles down after say 5 mins, but if I drop back off to sleep (most often I don't) I can wake back up with exactly the same heart racing again - Cortisol perhaps? or all related? I have taken 1/2 tsp of sea salt before bed and that seems to stop the racing heart stuff.

    Appreciate any advice