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    Be careful around the gluten....but I'd say everything else should be fine, though you just won't feel as good as usual. Potatoes, cheese, wine! It's only for a time, and enjoying your vacation is important!
    Making adventure out of this thing called life


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      OP: Enjoy what you can, and don't stress about falling behind less than perfect.

      Originally posted by MeatSleepRepeat View Post
      I thought the rule was that if you couldn't pronounce it, you shouldn't eat it. What are these?
      I believe this only applies to things that are more scientific sounding. The episode on bread of Good Eats comes to mind.


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        I'm glad no one has said I shouldn't cheat lol. I'm flying out today and looking forward to all the goodies I'm going to sample.

        I didn't do any 'pre-cheating' to adjust my body, so I'll just ease into it while I'm over there.


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          Friets met pinda saus = French fries with peanut sauce

          Indonesian rijstafel = asian rice dish sort of thing

          Ollieballen = plain donuts, sometimes with powdered sugar


          Stroopwafels = flaky cookie with sugar syrup inside.

          Just so we're all on the same page.

          Make sure to bike or walk everywhere. Which is easy anyways after drinking so much coffee.