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When to stop? Next challenge?

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  • When to stop? Next challenge?

    I reached my goal a couple of weeks ago, coming down from 205 to 168, I posted pics in the success thread.

    Since then I have gone down to 166 without really trying too hard just good habits I guess.

    When I was 19 I weighed 157 and had a 28 inch waist,i am thinking of pushing on to that more for the challenge really
    I feel great physically right now, bf about 9%

    How do you challenge your self ?

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    If you're happy with where you are right now, you could pick a different focus rather than weight or BF %. I've just been trying to stick to an exercise regimen of any sort this year (mildly succeeding, I guess), but you could shoot for different weights or times or reps with whatever your preferred activity is.
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      next challenge: complete a muslce up.


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        Originally posted by primalrob View Post
        next challenge: complete a muslce up.
        Not sure what a muscle up is, but if it involves getting even bigger muscles. .. no thanks

        The thing with bf and weight it's that it's very visible, so it is motivating well to me anyway.

        I will probably just truck along see how it goes no pressure