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T Colin Campbell desperate?

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  • T Colin Campbell desperate?

    So I was reading his review on 'the new atkins for a new you' book and he makes his presence known several times after his initial review in response to those who replied. I thought this guy was at the very least classy. For instance he he says: "... Storey, how far in school did you get to?" in response to another responder. I don't know about everyone else but I expected a lot more from this guy. While I completely disagree with his views, at the very least he doesn't have to stoop down to the level of those who rip him on his review. To me, this guy is simply getting desperate. I have never known such a well known doctor, researcher or author take such time and effort into defending his stance on an amazon review! He has made his pt. loud and clear, what exactly is he trying to prove. I responded to him. He won't respond back most likely, but he probably monitors that review like a hawk, so he'll see it Just my random rant for the eveninig