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Dean Ornish knocked to the canvas

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  • Dean Ornish knocked to the canvas

    The Caveman Doctor decided to knock him down again. It's such an unequal contest I'd be embarrassed for the man. However, the point is that the Caveman Doctor lays bare how Ornish operates. I don't think at bottom that Ornish deserves any more sympathy than anyone else who preys on the vulnerable by trying to draw them into something by not telling them truth. It's creepily reminiscent of drug pushing or sexual "grooming".

    Anyway, lots of other good stuff from the doctor and Roger in this. Two nice and amusing guys:

    Podcast 20: Don't Go Nuts on Nuts - Caveman Doctor

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    Originally posted by Lewis View Post
    The Caveman Doctor lays bare how Ornish operates.
    I hope he goes after Drs. McDougall and Oz next.


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      Well, it's all good knockabout fun. And the last time Ornish came up it gave Roger the chance to make a good joke on the basis of the way he alters multiple variables in an "study" and then claims that the outcome is linked to the one he wants to promote. That's more like a used car dealer than a scientist.

      So Roger says it's as if they were to design an experiment where the Caveman Doctor feeds him a special diet, makes sure he gets sleep, exercise and so on, and hits him 25 times in the stomach with a wiffle bat. The Doctor then publishes a paper claiming that hitting Roger with the bat improved his health. ROTFL

      All good fun. But I think there's a serious point in that people like Ornish are effectively playing with people's health and lives for ideological motives. That's not on. There are consequences to what he does.

      If Doctor Colin reports that a low-carbohydrate diet did best on four parameters out of five in a trial against three other diets, he'll also tell you about the one parameter where something else did better. It's irrelevant to him that he thinks that, on balance, a low-carb diet is better: it's what was actually found that's important. And it is important, because how can you move forward otherwise?