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  • What does your cat like?

    I'm trying to get my cat off his "cat food". So far all he liked to eat is egg yolks and liver, and the small animals he catches himself. Any other foods cats like?
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    My cat is a total cliche. He flips out whenever we open a can of tuna


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      I would like to know the secret too. My cat snubbed a gorgeous piece of salmon the other day, but came running when I poured out the kibble. At least she eats bugs...


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        We have 5 cats. 3 love any kind of meat, fish, eggs or milk and one of those loved bread when she could get her paws on it. She's also the only one who likes to go outside and she likes rabbit, squirrel and bird brains. We always get the headless bodies by the back door. 1 of the others will half-heartedly snack on real food and the other one sniffs and turns up her nose.

        They all get Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dry food and water from an indoor fountain-type water dish.
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          I have 5. My Rudi is all raw and has been for 3 years now - his favorite is BEEF and beef heart and sometimes likes turkey - he turns his nose up at fatty pork cuts, most liver, and larger fat bits in general, and egg yolks; I have noticed that he really isn't into CAFO meats... the more natural, the more he flips out.

          Merlin is a kibble cat (won't evern sniff raw meat), but he has always had a strange personality, even from kittenhood he was a "weird" cat, so I see him starving to death before eating raw anything.

          Tolly is half raw, half kibble.

          George and Henry kill (and eat) small critters with abandon but like their from-my-kitchen-meat cooked over raw. George loves dairy.

          If I ever get another kitten again, I will definitely feed 100% raw. I found raw after all "my boys" were grown. Rudi will be 19 human years next month. He wasn't supposed to make it that far - he got super sick and out of desperation I started raw, and hallelujah, that was the answer. Today he is definitely old, but on zero meds, and still gets around well (and jumps some). I think once cats get the taste for kibble, it is so hard to get them to change over... like the feline version of SAD.

          Keep on offering all kinds of stuff and be patient. I have lost four other (kibble) cats to old age: Tabasco, who would also eat cooked poultry and warm bread; Jasper, who didn't like raw anything but liked baby cereal and mashed potatoes and potato chips (we found that out one day when the kids dropped a few on the floor accidentally and then he would beg and beg whenever a chips bag got opened); Angus, who also wouln't eat raw anything; and most recently Oliver, who ate everything in sight, including picking over our compost bucket, except fresh kill from our woods.
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            Have you guys seen this commercial Friskies "Adventureland" - YouTube? They make it look like Friskies will send your cat on a drugged-out trip. I mean it's really an insane commercial.


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              Our cat eats raw rabbit (commercially procured. Instinct brand). She's been on it for a couple of years now. She loves raw beef, but then throws it up. Rabbit is the only one she keeps down.

              She also eats a small amount of kibble - grain free, venison-based, I think it's actually raw/dehydrated. I can't give her too much, or, yup, up it comes. But she's adamant that she must have some every evening.

              We adopted her, changed her over to vegan food (*shakes head*), which was fine for a couple of years, then she got very ill and started throwing up. We changed her to grain-free, and gradually worked our way to the raw food, trying to find something to keep her healthy and happy (and not throwing up). She is about 10 or 11 years old now, and is at a fairly healthy weight (just a tiny bit of pudge), and is pretty active and playful. Her coat is amazing.


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                Mine eat Blue Wilderness (grain free) kibble, then also yell like banshees when they get a very small amount of tuna twice a day.

                Other than that, they're really not interested in the food their humans eat.

                Oh, and the one cat loves lizard as well, but I have heard there are some out here that are poisonous (at least to cats) so we try (pointlessly) to discourage that.

                She does chase birds as well, but that's not for eating. She practices catch and release - catch them outside and release them in the house.

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                  We have 3 cats. Lulu (age 18) likes turkey, tuna, raw beef and canned food. She won't touch kibble. Jakey (age 11) will only eat kibble, but at least it's Blue Grain Free. Cookie (age unknown, he is a stray we adopted when he kept showing up at our house...) will eat raw meat, canned food, kibble, dairy and whatever he kills on his forays into the woods.


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                    I give our old cat almost any kind of raw meat and she wolfs it down. She also gets a grain-free dry food. She loves to lick at coconut cream blobs. Husband gives her the corners of toast with a tiny bit of Vegemite and she loves that - but then again she's an Australian cat and has been raised with it.


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                      our cats get wellness canned food (or if that's not available, any of the "natural" canned foods that don't have by-products or grains) - the girlcat used to be a total kibblehead... starting with wellness kitten, then wellness adult, then wellness core or innova evo (the low carb stuff)... and then I weaned her off of the stuff. The boycat couldn't care less about kibble, but he'd eat it if he was hungry and it was there.

                      They've always gotten some "human" food - I fixed them soft-scrambled eggs and chicken necks and I gave them raw bones from the time they were kittens... they've always gotten the juice drained from cans of chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, etc.
                      Girlcat loves the sound of crunchy things - crackers, chips, etc. she'll bat them around to hear the sound... but she LOVES to eat fish, especially shrimp...
                      Boycat will try anything that we're eating - beef is his favorite... he ate a large chunk of my sweet potato the other night, and he's been known to eat spinach too.
                      They'll both eat pizza crusts, especially dried out ones that are crunchy/chewy... odd, but it is what it is.

                      Their latest thing is BOLTING into the kitchen whenever a can is opened... nevermind if it's a can of beans (not mine), tomatoes, coconut milk.... they get this really strange look on their face when we let them smell the non-cat-food (they will also lap some of the coconut milk if we're not careful - the other stuff, not so much...)

                      Their favorite treat of all time is freeze dried wild salmon.