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  • Need footwear suggestions

    I normally wear minimalist-type shoes, with Merrel mary jane's and Patagonia ballet flats being my favorites. I am a Chinese medicine student and recently started working in the clinic and it is quickly becoming apparent that I need different shoes. Our treatment rooms have hard polished concrete and I stand for hours observing a doctor which is killing my back. (I was in a car accident 9 months ago and am still recovering.)

    Anyone have ideas for slightly more cushy, attractive shoes with a zero degree heel?

    So far, I've found Earthies.

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    I like Born and Ecco for excellent support, ruggedness and low/minimal heel. With other shoes, I buy things 1/2 size too big and put extra Dr Scholl's insoles in them.


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      Danskos are great. They're even doing a new ballet flat style but with a more supportive sole (not cheap though, I think I saw them at around $170 recently). Personally, I hate Earth shoes. Born is ok, they make cute shoes, but seem to cause blistering on the top of my toes for some reason. Ecco's also alright, I have a few pairs but never reach for them. Pretty much I wear Danskos for work, and reach for my Keens and Orthaheels on weekends. And I have about 40 other pairs of expensive shoes that just sit there getting no love at all. :-/


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        I am a forever-lover of Birkenstock. I wear each pair for about 7 years before they need to be replaced. My European-tour pair took me through probably 8 countries (plus daily life in between), all walking around when I wasn't on the train, and I can't remember an instance of pain - just normal tiredness after countless hours walking around.
        I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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          i have to second danskos. they are excellent.


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            I doubt the pain in your back is down to how cushioned the shoes are. You're standing after all, not moving vigorously.

            I suggest you're right to identify the car accident as the ultimate cause. I would guess that what provokes the pain is simply the lengthy standing in the context of the disorganization the accident caused. That's what you need to address. I don't know anything better than Alexander Technique for that sort of thing, but you could try something like osteopathy -- might be easier to find.

            If you want a little more padding you could just put a thocker insole in your existing shoes.

            EDIT: For "thocker" read "thicker"
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