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    Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
    Oh, come now, SB Hikes, you could have egg beaters and light margarine for breakfast, fat free yogurt snack, a nice whole grain kashi meal for lunch, 100 calorie pack AND a lean cuisine for dinner, with a salad with fat free dressing AND have room for some fat free frozen yogurt! Come on, sounds filling to me!
    Oh gods. Eggbeaters! Yuck. I remember a few years ago my MIL served us eggbeaters for breakfast and I had to dump ketchup on them to make them palatable and I never put ketchup on eggs. Last time we visited she was back to real eggs.


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      Oh yeah. Sounds really good. You won't see me eating that 1000 calorie almond croissant when I'm hungry before 10am.
      Yeah.... as long as you look the other way at the pile of snack size candy wrappers in my trash can. But all I really eat is salad. Must be that feta cheese....
      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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        What seems weird to me know is how on earth did we ever come to think that if we put nutritionally void food down our gullets that our bodies would respond with weight loss and health rather than hunger and binge eating? That it would say hey, thanks for that empty food! Thanks for the vegetable oil whipped with water! Thanks for the rice puffed with air! Thanks for the salad with fat-free dressing! I didn't need those fat-soluble vitamins anyway! Don't mind me, your body, I will just go on my merry way now that you've fooled me. Not like I understand things at the molecular level or anything.
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