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Tips for improving skin integrity?

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  • Tips for improving skin integrity?


    I am wondering if any one has any tips for my skin? I am 38 F and I have noticed that my skin (mostly on my thighs) needs strengthining? I notice when I jog that it kinda crinkles, if that makes sense. Any ideas for integrity? I am trying to increase my bone broth intake, hoping the collagen would be beneficial.

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    getting sun is also helpful, as is coconut oil (or sesame oil. different people react differently to different kinds of oils).

    I use coconut oil in the following ways in my body: eating it (yay); using it to oil pull/brush teeth (yes, both); using it to condition and wash hair (keeps it from getting too dry); using it as a lotion/deodorant. Pretty much, the only thing in my bathroom is coconut oil! you can also use it as the base for khol (to make mascara) and use natural dyes (like beet juice) to make lip balm out of the stuff (you can add bees wax if you want; I don't).

    It's amazing, really, that coconut oil.


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      I use coconut oil for all my cooking and eating exceptfor salads. I also use it for lotio, but maybe not enough. I have never heard of using it for teeth? How do you apply? Straight onto the toothbrush, and what do you mean by pull?


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        Have you recently lost a lot of weight? It took a while, but my skin tightened up.