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It's one thing for me but...what about the kid??

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    Being gluten sensitive is not nothing.

    I would definitely talke to the mum about it and reframe it as a health choice for your daughter.

    Maybe offer to provide some gluten free alternatives for your kid so that it's not an imposition on her to become a short order cook?
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      Coeliac is a serious medical condition and the damage it does in the gut is cumulative. It can lead, in later life, to Crohn's disease, diverticulosis/itis (i have this and it's no joke) and having to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of your life. I suggest you get your daughter the full blood test as a first resort, and the biopsy of there is still doubt. She will then have a medical diagnosis and no intolerant person (which this woman, IMHO, is) can say she is just fussy.

      So if your child had a peanut allergy would she give her peanut butter then and watch her die with the resultant anaphylactic response? One would hope not.

      Have a look at the Coeliac Australia site
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        Tell people that you're jewish, and its a Kosher thing; they will construe asking questions about it as anti-semitism.
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          Originally posted by quelsen View Post
          Seriously if your "Friend" refuses to respect your child's clearly articulated personal choice.....

          There are many megalomaniacs who's only targets are children.

          this is not a light issue, how you treat the defenseless says too much about your personality and values.

          this person is willing to ignore a child just because they are a child. what else are they capable of.
          I don't remember reading this thread back in October, but that's some profound stuff on so many levels.
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            Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
            I don't remember reading this thread back in October, but that's some profound stuff on so many levels.

            we take too lightly the profound issues and make too much out of non issues
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