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Can eating primal help candida issues?

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  • Can eating primal help candida issues?

    So I haven't been diagnosed by a doctor (no insurance, and I've heard docs have a hard time diagnosing candida anyway) however based on a candida quiz, I scored a 200 on a scale of 1-85 (85 being most likely you have a problem). I started noticing digestion and anxiety problems after a round of antibiotics 1 year ago. I've had these issues off and on since then but lately I have been having allergy & arthritis problems come out of nowhere it seems. I don't smoke or drink and I workout pretty regularly and never eat fast food. Also I tried experimenting for a couple days recently with very little carbs and that seemed to help my symptoms. As soon as I go back to eating carbs my stomach bloats out like I am 5 months pregnant and I get very uncomfortable burping problems... it feels like someone blew up a balloon in my stomach and I have to force myself to burp (which is sometimes hard) to relieve the pressure. Does anyone know if candida could be causing this, and if so can the paleo diet help with these issues? Any advice greatly appreciated!!

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    Since it's naturally low in sugar, yes, it can help, but you may need extra help beyond that. I have struggled with candidiasis on and off (in the form of yeast infections) most of this year. Supplementation with probiotics and various anti-yeast agents is the only way I've seen improvement and I have to be really strict with my diet. You may also want to try digestive enzymes. I never had bloating like that, however. I would think that because of your belching problem, stomach acidity might be an issue. What are your digestive issues, exactly?

    How to Successfully Overcome Candida

    I've used Candex, garlic extract, caprylic acid, and probably others I can't even remember at this point. You have to change up what you're using periodically in order to keep the candida from getting used to it.
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