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How much money do you spend a calorie?

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    Originally posted by Jer37208 View Post
    eating the way we do can be a bit pricey. my girlfriend's brother is a huge critic of the paleo lifestyle and I've heard him call it elitist on several occasions.

    I've adopted this philosophy; we're gonna pay for health either coming or going. now up front with quality food, or exorbitantly in medical bills later in life.
    I agree with this... sort of.

    And while I don't have any food budget at all, I buy what I want when I want it (including the ridiculously priced organic Honey Crisp apples that just came in season)... I also pick up bargains like when I see an orgainic grassfed lamb shank marked down I snag it! Or when I talk the butcher into reserving me some beef knuckles at no charge... because he usually only sells marrow bones.

    And I really think that over all we spend way LESS money because we don't but any packaged/processed junk at all.
    Everything is fresh vegetables, meats, fruits... a bit of rice.
    Even if you are getting premium grassfed organic meat all the time there are the co-ops and cow shares where it's really not that much more expensive than the price of conventional meat from the grocery store unless you only shop loss leader sales like an absolute hawk.

    And guess what... We just eat less food too. We want to eat less.
    We don't want to sit and stuff our faces with those snacky processed foods.

    I'm pretty sure it doesn't take a genius to figure out that value wise whole foods offer a better weight and volume/$ value that processed foods do... the old potatoes/$ vs chips/$

    Paying a little more for good meat... I'm saving that money elsewhere anyway IMO.
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    And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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      I spend a lot because it's true, Santa Barbara is very expensive. I have been going to the farmer's market because it's fun to do. I can get equal (from the same farms) produce elsewhere for less, but I enjoy the scene with the music an bumping into people I know. I've been buying really expensive stuff like fresh oysters, grass-fed local lamb and beef and this goat cheese that's $13 for about 6 oz. I also have a tendency to end up with too much stuff in the fridge and freezer. There's about 14 bell peppers in there. I buy them faster than I eat them. I managed to eat some liver ordered from US Wellness about half a year ago the other day. I have some pork belly defrosting that's been in there at least a month. So my estimate was actually well on the high side, based more on what I spend vs what I actually eat. This week it'll be much much less.
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        Hmmm... assuming 2200 call/ day for each of us, and a weekly bill of ~$20-120 (depending on how often we went out to eat and sales,) we generally come in at $0.0045- $0.027 per cal. Mind you, this also includes Geek's non primal items and items like tp and saran wrap.
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