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Want to lose a few pounds, but no period for almost 3 months?

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  • Want to lose a few pounds, but no period for almost 3 months?

    I am currently 5'2 and 109ish pounds. I've been dealing with bingeing for the past couple months and gained two pounds in the process. I am really sick of binging on sweets which is why I am starting to eat 50 carbs a day. I know sugar and carbs is the culprit problem, as well as my anxiety. But I consciously choose to eat carby foods because of the whole binge, guilt, gym cycle distracts me from my real problems.

    I am lifting and do 20 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. and want to eat somewhere between 1500-1700 calories.

    THe problem is, when I start to see some results (like 107 lbs) I sabotage it by bingeing. I also wonder if this has something to do with no menstruation? How do I get my period back? I heard carb refeeds help leptin levels which is associated with menstruation, but I've been doing a carb refeed for two months! lol... Does anyone have any experience with this? I don't know my body fat percentage but its not that low.

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    Can I ask how old you are? My cycles were not completely regular until well into my 20's. Even now they vary some. I would suggest focusing on relaxation techniques to deal with anxiety and increasing your fat intake and keeping the carbs fairly low. Keep your calories at or above where they are depending on your activity level. Are you on hormonal birth control?


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      I should add that I was anorexic in 2011 and I didn't get my period for 13 months. I have always had a regular period since I was 11 before that. After not having my period for 13 months I got my period in April may, July, Of this year and haven't had one since. I was eating like 2500 calorie a day sometimes 3-4 k. But I didn't want to gain any more weight so I stopped doing that. I kind of want advice from someone who knows more about the biology behind amenorrhea.


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        I am not on birth control.


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          There are so many potential causes to amenorrhea. I am no doctor, but I am guessing that outside of birth control, anorexia, and specific medical conditions that stress and diet are at the top of the list. You would really need to be examined by a doctor to pinpoint something more specific. Good luck to you. And be proud of yourself for overcoming your eating disorder! That must have been very difficult.


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            I really don't think you need to lose weight. If I remember correctly from past posts, you are recovering from anorexia. You need to eat good nourishing foods. This can include some carbs if that is your preference. Nothing wrong with some potatoes and fruit.

            I am not very experienced, but I've heard that people who were formerly anorexic can take some time to regain normal hormonal status after reaching a good weight.

            Please be kind to yourself and your body and don't try to lose any weight right now.