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  • Reverse Denial

    I mentioned reverse denial in a thread in the Success Stories section. I don't know about yall but I am somewhat unaware of much smaller (leaner) I actually am. I have not been in pants under size 36 for as long as I can remember. So I still think that I can fit in some of my old clothes but I keep failing epically. And adding a belt to pants makes matters worse as they just look bunched up. I think my problem is the scale weight hardly changes so I assume no body changes but clearly my body is recomping right before my eyes. And when you see yourself everyday in the mirror you don't notice these changes. So I call it reverse denial where your psychy has not realized that you have infact created a blueprint to create a smaller (healthier) you and that plan is working. You still think those bigger clothes look good on you. Anyone else want to comment about "reverse denial"?
    All time high weight 262 lbs
    Primal since Spring 2012
    Start PB Weight: 240 lbs ish
    Current Weight: 220lbs ish
    Goal Weight:190-200 lbs
    All on a 6ft. 1/2 inch frame.

    I can't wait to meet my abs for the first time in my life. We gotta lot of catching up to do.

    I love this way of eating and hope to be able to help others.

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    Yeah... I was in denial about what I actually looked like for years. Then I saw some pictures of myself in a tight, full-length bridesmaids dress. Wow, total fat ass! Now I am still wearing my old work pants and someone told me that I "could fit two of my asses in them" and that I "may want to invest in a smaller size". I still have so much to lose though, so I refuse to buy new clothes... yet.


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      shop consignment shops and goodwill. clothes that fit better will make you look and feel better. seriously. stop hiding inside your old fat clothes.
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      – Ernest Hemingway


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        I pop into goodwill every now and then and check. Nothing so far. I am still in quite large sizes and I am only 5' tall. I get most things shortened, but if they are talls to begin with it totally changes the shape of the pants. I should clarify that I have bought some new shirts... just not pants. I am hoping to fit into some old pants soon. I have to loose some more around the hips though! For some reason I have like a 4 size gap in my pants, lol... it's like I went from a 16 to a 22 overnight. I am probably like an 18/20 now.


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          My husband's doing the same thing. I got him to donate some of his really big stuff to the Goodwill, but he still has some clothes that are too big. When he wears them they are not flattering and they hide the fact that he's lost a lot of weight. Wearing the right size makes a big difference. We also shop at used clothing stores, if you only wear the clothes for a little while you don't feel bad getting rid of them.
          Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


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            Ditch the scale, buy a full-body mirror, and look at yourself naked everyday in it.


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              I hear ya! My shirt size has gone down by two, but I honestly can't see the difference. Everyone else says they can, though, so that must be good!
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                I am planning to one day make a huge leap down in size, kinda like making a big reveal.
                Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                  A few weeks ago I went on a hike and wore my favourite pair of comfortable hiking pants. I was camping and had no mirror, so I had no idea how ridiculous they looked until I saw the photos my friends took on the trip. They were ridiculously baggy and sort of hanging off me, and it was only my belt that was keeping them up. Time to find a good home for them--I certainly can't wear them anymore after seeing how silly they look.
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                    BTDT...Over the last 3 years I've lost close to 70 pounds (CW/chronic cardio), but I still get surprised when someone tells me that I am small or tiny. I've gone from a size 22 to a size 6 (at 5'3) and I KNOW I am smaller, but even after three years I don't feel that way. Part of that, I think, is that extra stuff around my middle that I hope being primal will eventually take care of. That is the primary location where my extra weight has always been stored... so I hear you.

                    I think this is pretty common - and it happens both directions when our body changes significantly.


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                      Yeah, I bought a pair of size 12 designer jeans the other day (can you say shopaholic) but I still pull 16's, 14's and XL's off the rack. I do a good job of dressing well though and have always paid attention to clothes fit. One thing I have noticed is that I look better in a wider variety of styles. I used to always, always- V neck, nipped in waist, never a shirt that needs tucked in, no showing off a belt, always fitted tailored. Now I have a broader range of neck lines, always tuck in shirts and have bought some flowier clothing.

                      The thing I go through is "I'm the fattest person here". The weird thing is at the stable is that it was true for a long time- willowy teen girls= never gonna be smaller than them. Now there has been a change in boarders, and there are several larger women that ride and it's the first time I've not been the largest on a horse, but I'm still thinking "god, they must think I am a huge fat ass".

                      It's weird but I'm about the average size for a US woman but I still identify myself with being larger than average and I don't always believe photos of myself (like, oh, his camera must make me look thinner).

                      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                        I have lost 120 lbs in the last 8 months, and I have that problem. I still see a 325 lb woman, especially when I look down at myself! I just have to rely on the size of my clothes, and take the scale's word for it. Can't see any weight loss at all, it's like I have anorexia, but not in the skin and bones thing!