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Is someone as difficulty with the adaptation?

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    No, I just ate bacon in my omelet, then in my salad, and with my seafood creamy sauce...


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      Have you calculated your macros just to make sure you're eating enough? It sounds like you're doing it right except for the nuts, but I did that for awhile, too. I agree with an actual sickness, not food, causing most of your problems.

      And you say you are already thin, then got thinner. That's scary. You may or may not be designed for low-carb eating, and might want to try adding a few sweet potatoes to your day (minus other foods to avoid caloric surplus if appropriate) to see if that picks you up. It's possible you do not need to lose any weight, but are already fit for the maintenenace phase.
      Crohn's, doing SCD


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        Why eating too much nuts isn't that good?


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          Originally posted by RitaRose View Post
          Ooh, I just remembered that vomitting (absent other "sick" symptoms) can also come from taking vitamins, especially B vitamins, on a relatively empty stomach.

          Tried it once when I skipped breakfast, went to my work route, took my vitamins and promtly threw them up into a bush about 5 minutes later. Lesson learned.

          But it really does sound like you just plain caught something.
          Yeah I can't take vitamins on an empty stomach either. It makes me nauseous, plus I've read that you absorb them better when they're taken with food.