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Attention hypothyroid sufferers!

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  • Attention hypothyroid sufferers!

    As many of you know, it can be really hard to get properly treated and feel good when your thyroid is out of whack!

    Well, the real problem with thyroid treatment is that it's based too much on CW and outdated lab test parameters and there is new info and groundbreaking protocols that address the REAL underlying issues of hypothyroidism.

    If you're already on meds and you still feel like crap, you especially need this info!

    Check out this video for a nutshell version:

    I highly recommend this book- it helps you to identify exactly which of 6 hypothyroid subtypes you are and what to do about it. it's VERY different than any other thyroid books I've read (and Primal fist perfectly with it!):

    Be sure to listen to Dr. Kharrazian's interview on One Radio Network (it's on the website above).

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    Thanks, Hazy Jane.

    I'm not on meds, but my thyroid has been a little low in the past. I know there's a lot about thyroid I don't understand. I'll check out your links.

    By the way, I know that raw cabbage is a goitrogen. Is raw kale just as bad?


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      Hey, will definitel check out the book thanks. I have hashimoto's but have never taken meds and generally pretend it doesn't exist.

      I did read there is a link with gluten and autoimmune diseases like hashimoto's so good to cut out grains all around I guess.

      piano-doctor-lady : I think raw kale is in the same family but it's ok if you steam it.


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        Hi, Mia

        The only problem is, if I steam the kale it gases me up with smelly gas, but I tolerate it pretty well raw. <sigh>