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    How do you feel after eating(cheating) a SAD meal. I have been primal since early this year, and I notice that every time I eat crappy food(pizza, cereal, junk food) I feel poorly. A very unsettled GI feeling. I also notice that high carb meals will make me feel like I have taken a shot of caffeine or something. I feel as though my heart rate is elevated and my chest feels like it does after sprinting a short distance.

    Is this a normal reaction? Do any of you have similar reactions?

    It makes sense that I might feel this way, but I was just curious as to others experiences. It definately makes me want to be as strict with my diet as possible.


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    I guess I should have posted this in the nutrition section. Woops!


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      i have mixed reactions to breaking away from primal and eating SAD meals, depending on what i'm eating. some foods treat me just fine, others make me feel sort of bloated. it's actually later in the day and even the next day when i feel the worst. i find that getting back to a primal diet gets me feeling pretty good again before too long.


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        I don't really feel anything at all, but some of my teeth hurt when I eat something with sugar in it.


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          If I ingest PUFAs, I bloat and have a lot of joint pain.

          My "cheats" are usually organic corn tortillas... wrapping a very paleo/primal filling. If I bake/fry them myself, no harm... if I go out and have tacos, even if the filling is essentially the same, the crap they fry it in just gets me.


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            I am not sure I could actually do a full on cheat meal. I will have some full fat ice-cream etc but I think I would be ill trying to eat a full on processed sad meal. I was at the hockey game tonight I wont comment on the awful overcook sad looking food people were stuffing in their faces but I will say the person beside me sat down to eat could smell the plastic cheese, processed oils etc....disgusting.
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              I occasionally eat two slices of sourdough bread. Nothing happens. However, the other night, I ate some ravioli - not from a can or anything, they were pretty decent quality. Nothing too terrible except an A.M. flatulence session. No pain or discomfort, just wind.

              So, I'm not sure if the sourdough starter decreases the effects of the wheat in the bread or if it's just such a small dose of wheat that it doesn't create any issues. I did notice that I don't like pasta as much as I used to though. It wasn't really a negative as much as a feeling of eating something empty. Like if I were starving in the woods, and came upon free pasta, I'd eat it, but if I'm going to buy something to actually nourish me, I'd pass every time.
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                I have found that my taste buds are much more perceptive now to weird chemical ingredients. I used to eat Campbell's Chicken and Sausage Gumbo canned soup a lot. I bought one the other day and when I ate it I couldn't get halfway through and had to throw it out, it was so gross to me. Similarly my husband and I love the Green Giant Garden Veggie Medley frozen steamer pack, it was our go to snack. I ate one the other day and the butter sauce had a distinct nasty chemical taste to me.
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                  I didn't know how sensitive I was going to be to sad foods once I started going primal. Quite cold turkey about a month ago.
                  Now, I get so sick!
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                    For me, it depends how badly I go off. If I go to a nice restaurant and get a steak and salad, then have a sweet dessert, no real effect. If I have a lot of carbs and a dessert, I usually feel ill and under the weather the next day.
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                      I drank a beer today. Felt a bit intoxicated afterwards. Could have been because I was in the hot sun, too.

                      I've had a few somewhat SAD meals and mostly I'm just disappointed. They taste funny, too sweet or too much MSG and not very satisfying. I had an ice cream once. It was quality ice cream and my favorite flavor and a small size but I was like meh, I can't finish this and gave it to my boyfriend. I had some of a brownie sundae thing once and that was pretty good. It took all my willpower not to ravish the whole thing.
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                        grains give me a wicked upset stomach now, they always kinda did, but now I REALLY know it.

                        Sweet things are REALLY sweet, most cakes/pies/cookies etc are too sweet for my taste buds.


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                          I have been primal 3 full months now. If I have a small amount of wheat or grains I feel sick to my stomach -- it's bad news --- people next to me can hear my stomach rumbling.

                          If i ingest sugar -- wholly Hannah --- I crawl into my bed, with heart palpitations and don't come out of bed for a few hours. It feels as though I'm on drugs and unable to move the limbs on my body -- it's like an out of body experience. It's such a bad experience that I've asked my husband to stop me before I ingest any sugar again. We laugh about it, but I've asked him to seriously stop me from doing it. I'm a train wreck on sugar.
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                            The only cheating I've done since starting this almost 2 months ago is the occasional beer. No more than 1 a week, and while I've noted that I feel the effect of that single beer more than I once did, there are no other effects. Earlier this week I tried a slice of uncured slow-cooked ham that only had 3 ingredients and felt awful afterwards. It had evaporated cane sugar as one of those ingredients and my stomach just plain more of that!

                            I wish that I COULD drink red wine, but my body hates the tannins and sulfides in I doubt I will give up my yummy craft beer totally. I strongly dislike the hard stuff - just don't like the taste (or effects) at all. I figure if it takes me a month to go through a 6-pack of high quality stout that it can't really be hurting even though it is a lot of empty calories (that were originally grain...)
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