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    You just had a baby. Honestly I think you shouldn't be actively trying to lose weight right now anyway. I you lose some naturally, fine, but give yourself a little time to normalize--you just grew a whole new person! Give yourself a break, bond with your child, and eat the most nutritious foods you can so your little one gets the best milk you can make.

    Also, it looks like you are going quite low-carb and I really doubt that's totally optimal for breast feeding and your metabolism right now. At least make sure you're paying close attention to your energy levels and hunger signals, and be open to considering adding some good starchy carbs into your meals if you feel you're not doing so well without them. Primal eating is not all about carbs.
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      Good point. It's hard though, with autumn upon me and no pants that fit. I'm not breastfeeding anymore, so the low carb affect doesn't offset anything there. I didn't really make any weight loss efforts until he weaned in early August- i had major issues, it was not successful beyond 8 weeks for me, sadly. anyway, that's the thing, my energy levels have been great, I'm listening to hunger signals, it's just the weight . . . stays on. But between the stress and the post-partumness, I suppose it might just be a matter of time.


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        So my question is, is there something I can do to jolt my body into action, or is it a lost cause and I will simply maintain until we can restart our lives in the new year? Any ideas are welcome. I was thinking about IF, but I'm also in a quandary about making anything seem even more stressful to my body at this point. Thanks in advance.
        Try a Whole 30. It's pretty easy if you come to it from Primal but FORCES you to actually eliminate dairy, sugar, grains (the foods that can cause bloat etc. even in small amounts). I had stalled with primal for a good 3 months, and 20 days into Whole30 am down 6 or 7 lbs (yeah, I weighed myself). That's a big loss for me. Narrowing it down to dairy being the issue,

        It's not at all stressful on the body like IF might be, just limits you to whole foods (they have a list). For reference a typical day for me is :
        2 eggs, avocado, salsa and fruit for breakfast, coffee with coconut milk
        lunch is a couple of hardboiled eggs and some preservative free lunch meat (applegate)
        I snack a bit more- nuts and fruit (maybe a daily small handful of nuts and a piece or two of fruit)
        dinner is usually 2 veggies and a steak or something similar. Usually one green veggie then a treat like a sweet potato or mashed cauliflower. More fruit for dessert.

        Great way to suss out anything that might be simply not compatible with your system. I know one woman on here tried it and found that she can have the dairy and not the fruit...etc. etc.
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          And yeah, you eat dairy similar to what I did. It is kind of hard, but I use aioli and a few other things....

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!