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Is there really a nutritional need for fruits and vegetables?

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    Originally posted by Forgotmylastusername View Post
    Athrosclerosis and osteoperosis were found in the pre-western-diet inuit. They might have been doing better than the modern SAD diet with overconsumption of fried foods, refined carbs and sugar but they weren't the pinnacle of health some people hold them to. Their diet wasn't as low-carb as some people eat either as freshly killed meat contained carbohydrates from glycogen.

    Yes. There's more to health than just the essentials. Meat isn't essential but it contains beneficial nutrients not found in significant amounts in other foods like creatine, carnitine and carnosine, pre-formed vitamin A, etc. Just like plant foods contain significant health promoting nutrients not found in animal products.
    The best diet to follow is the Ayurveda diet. I follow it religiously and take the ayurvedic herbs Ill say its the best to lose weight and maintain the weight even after losing it