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  • Stress eating?

    I've been eating this way for a little over two months. I introduced my friend to this way of eating, and she is giving it a try. She tells me that the stress of her job has made it difficult for her to keep focused on eating well. I've been unemployed since well before I began eating this way, so I haven't had to deal with stress. (You'd think that being without a job would come with its own stress, but jeez, I've been so relaxed!)

    Anyway, I'm wondering if the stesses of daily life make it harder/easier for you to keep on plan? Do you ever crave the "bad" stuff, and if so, how do you deal with the cravings? I'm having absolutely no cravings at all, but I'm concerned what will happen when I'm back in the trenches, so to speak.

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    Well, I have a stressful life, and I must say, taking care of myself as best I can feels better than not. I cope better, for one thing.

    I do have cravings sometimes, though, for pure comfort, and food sometimes serves the purpose.

    I honestly believe that the biggest chunk of benefit in living PB is ditching the processed crap, the stuff with so many chemicals you wouldn't know it was food. Or stuff made with GMO corn and soy bits 'n pieces.

    So when now and then I give in and eat an Ezekial sprouted grain English muffin with lots of good Kerrygold butter, I do not think I am doing as much harm as I would if I obsessed over the fact that I do.

    It's when I stop caring about myself entirely that things go awry.