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Spoiled milk breath?

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  • Spoiled milk breath?

    I started with an elimination diet for a month and have pretty kept going but with a paleo mindset since - a little over 2 months total now. I dont eat many carbs, really just dried fruit with nuts as a snack and an apple most days. If I have gluten-free pizza or something like that I typically have it right after a hard workout.

    Today my hubby very politely told me that my breath smelled different for the past two days and also about 4 months ago (did low carb off and on prior to making this change)....he described it as spoiled milk - as I put a piece of gum in my mouth lol

    I also ran out of my probiotic two days ago so Im not sure if its ketosis or extra bacteria due to the missing probiotic....thoughts??

    Side note - stopped losing weight (only 5-10 to go I think) despite staying very active....eating nuts/almond butter 1-2x a day and wonder if that may be the culprit? Any suggestions would be helpful

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    Likely just ketosis if you're way low on carbs. It's a good thing! Just keep brushing! Lol


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      I remember when first going low-carb getting the "acetone" breath. don't get it anymore though
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        Perhaps you have tonsil stones? They can smell pretty off. :-(
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