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Ladies (or Brave Men): Question Regarding Menstration

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    I am endlessly amused by this cultural notion that men ought to be terrified or disgusted by discussion of menstruation or other women's health issues.

    truth! But wasn't everyone also outraged and disgusted when I said that I noticed some menstrual blood at the bottom of my t-shirt? Why is it such a big thing? Like we have made no progress since the 15th century.
    "Ah, those endless forests, and their horror-haunted gloom! For what eternities have I wandered through them, a timid, hunted creature, starting at the least sound, frightened of my own shadow, keyed-up, ever alert and vigilant, ready on the instant to dash away in mad flight for my life. For I was the prey of all manner of fierce life that dwelt in the forest, and it was in ecstasies of fear that I fled before the hunting monsters."

    Jack london, "Before Adam"


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      What Noodletoy said--

      Estrogen is stored in fat; rapid weight loss releases some of that estrogen causing temporary disruption of normal cycle. Nothing to worry about.