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Need some help with Fat Loss

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  • Need some help with Fat Loss

    PB has been the foundation of my 70+ (so far) pound weight loss since December 2011. I am pleased with results. Over the past three months I have been monitoring my body fat levels and while I have lost over 30 lbs, my body fat has not changed. I understand these methods are not !00% accurate so I am not worried about the number as much as the fact the number has not changed.

    I am engaged in IF and Lifting heavy things as well as sprinting. Am I really burning muscle as the % would indicate, or is my body just being stubborn?

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    the dreaded stall / plateau

    tends to happen when you reach a weight your body created a set point for. it is not the only reason but it is one i hav had to wait out twice and may be in the midst of right now personally.

    my last stall was 9 months long. i dont know if the meds i took nudged it over or if it was going ot go anyway. but i finally started reducing again and it went fast 70 pounds in 4 months.

    keep on keeping on and tape tape tape forget the scale.
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