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My first cocktail party!

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  • My first cocktail party!

    Hey everybody!

    My husband and I are hosting our first cocktail party (dressy casual) in a few weeks. I've never really hosted a party before besides birthday parties so I'm excited! Also, not much experience with cocktails. I'm looking at all the cocktail recipes on and I feel clueless trying to pick one as the main drink of the night. I would appreciate any suggestions on an inexpensive and yummy cocktail. What would you like to drink if you were coming to my party?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Cool on your first. I'm a clear spirits lover, so if there is gin (for martinis) or tequila (silver ice cold and 100% agave please) or vodka (will mix with just about anything and the good stuff is fine on its own), I'm a happy camper.

    Here are some links that might help you plan:
    Cocktail Party Guide at
    How to Plan and Host a Cocktail Party | Serious Eats: Drinks

    Drinks with fresh ingredients are yummier than premixed mixers from the store, and they have a nice wow factor. Also they're more primal.

    Don't worry about specifics like "types of glassware" as much as having fun yourself. Almost anything tastes great in a martini or footed wine glass. Hors d'oeuvres can be simple - things people can spread or dip veggies into (Paleobird's pate?).

    For your main cocktail that you mention in your post, pick something you and your husband like, then kind of plan the food to go with that.

    One last hint that I learned from a boss of mine many years ago. If your guests are having such a good time that no one is leaving and you're ready for them to, start serving everyone a cordial. A toast to good friends goes well here, and people will take the hint without being offended.

    Good luck and have fun!
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      Vodka goes great with just about any fruit juice. People also really make a good margarita- 1/4 cup good tequila, 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice, 1 tablespoon agave. I made those this summer and people just loved them.

      That said- it was time consuming to make the margaritas individually- look for something you can make a pitcher of. Or do a punch recipe.
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        Im a perfect Manhattan sorta guy


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          Thanks for the great suggestions y'all! I'm making Black Russians tonight for me and my husband. We're just going to play around and find out what we like!
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