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bright red urine?

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  • bright red urine?

    Sorry for a gross topic, but I'm wondering if this is a common occurrence with primal eaters? I did a quick search but did not find anything exactly like what I'm experiencing.

    My urine is bright red. So red that it looks like blood. I have been strictly paleo since May (no grains, no beans, no dairy, no sugar, etc). And to answer the obvious, I've not had anything even remotely red to eat recently.

    I happened to have urinalysis sticks in the house, and according to those, the Specific Gravity, Protein, Bilirubin, Blood, Nitrites, and Leukocytes are all off the charts high. Ketones were detectable but in the medium-low range.

    I'm sort of freaking out because I have never in my life had urine that color. I'm wondering if it could be a UTI, but I really don't want to spend my Sunday in urgent care. Thoughts?

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    Go to a doctor. Now. Seriously, none of that sounds good at all.
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      Yeah, sounds like a bladder infection to me.

      Get thee to a doctor STAT.

      I had one once when I was 19 and my mother actually came and
      picked me up from work to MAKE me go to the doctor (I thought it
      would just go away) and after I was all checked out the doctor

      "wow, it's really a good thing you came in because you were just hours
      away from your kidneys shutting down".


      So get to urgent care quickly - red urine ain't no joke, - unless you've
      eaten a pile of beets, cuz that will do it too for sure.

      Any pain or urgency to go? And if there IS an urgency, is it just a little
      bit of pee each time? Any burning sensation?



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        Could be uti, crystals, or bladder/kidnet stones. None of these goes away without medical treatment, and will only get worse the longer you put it off. Good luck!


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          Originally posted by Blackcatbone View Post
          Go to a doctor. Now. Seriously, none of that sounds good at all.
          What she said.

          And no, that is not "a common occurrence". It is not normal at all. It is indicative of something seriously wrong in your urinary system.
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            Did you eat beets? Some food will turn your urine red or make it smelly (asperagus)


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              Beets, kidney stones, UTI, kidney infection - all possibilities. Beets really make my urine a scary bright pink though.
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                Bring a good book and head to the urgent care, better safe than sorry. And I am pretty anti medical assistance. Have not seen a medical doctor in many years but blood in urine= trip for a check up asap.


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                  Get to a doc. NOW. That ain't good.
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                    Beets give my pee a vibrant hue.
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                      Thanks all, I went to urgent care and they promptly sent me to the hospital. The hospital did blood work and a CT Scan which shows a 4mm kidney stone. The interesting thing is that I've had kidney stones before which were insanely painful and had none of the symptoms I am currently having. I am still waiting to hear back on the blood work to see if there is also some kind of kidney infection.

                      Also interesting, the doc asked me how my appetite has been because of all the ketones. I said (honestly) that it's been nonexistent, and they wrote that off as the reason for the ketones. So at least I didn't have to try to explain to a CW doc why I've been eating low carb.

                      Anyway, thanks for all the input, and for the encouragement to head to the doc. I am glad I did!


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                        Glad you've gotten treatment! Hope it all works out without too much intervention.
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                          Palebluedots - well done on your getting to the doctor, and diagnosing this. I heard somewhere - not sure where, that too much protein can have a negetive effect on kidneys ??? Don't know how much is too much. Has anyone else heard this one ?
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                            Yay! I was hoping that was why you were taking a while to get back. And glad to hear that you know what it is and are getting treatment. There are adjustments that can be made to diet if you're prone to kidney stones.
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                              Glad to hear you went to the doctor ASAP, and that this turned out to be something easily treatable, paleobluedots!