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Haha, I got My Exercise Today!

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  • Haha, I got My Exercise Today!

    I had a misadventure today. My day started off relatively good. I was tired, didn't sleep too too well, but decided to walk down to the chiropractors instead of driving. My dad was going golfing. I didn't think much of it, just grabbed my credit card, a water bottle and headed out the door.

    On the way back home - maybe an hour and a half later, it's a goodly walk - I thought. He wouldn't have locked the door, would he? He knows I'm going on a walk. Uh... uh-oh. And I started hot footing it home. When I tried the door and found it was locked my thoughts were unprintable.

    I simply couldn't stay outside. I work from home and had to start work in an hour. I also needed my car keys to go pick up grass fed beef on my break. The farm people only come to my city once a month, it was do or die! But I was not going to break out a window. So I went to the back and managed to fiddle the fence lock open from the outside, and squeeze in... not that easy, we used a rock to keep the door shut and prevent the dogs from getting out under the bottom of the door! (They're wee, little dogs.) Once that was done I tried to figure out how to get in the house. There was a window with a screen. I tore out the screen - dad can pay for that - and managed to jimmy to window open. But what to do then? The window was way too high to just pull myself in.

    Well! First I tried a lawn chair, but that wasn't high enough either. Maybe if I were doing chin-ups, but I'm not at that stage yet. Then my eye fell on the barbecue. It's a nice Weber barbecue, very solid. I dragged it into position, used the lawn chair and climbed onto the Weber. That did the trick! Then I had to slide through the window, letting gravity do its thing. Fortunately there was a table and a small fridge in the way, so I was about to hold onto them and just kind of slither onto the floor, butt first. Needless to say it was a touch messy!

    I can't imagine I would have been able to do that when I was 70 pounds heavier and completely out of shape. On the negative side, this house is distressingly easy to burgle. Or maybe I have a future in crime? Either way, I credit primal/paleo living for getting me through my shenanigans...!
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    Great story Wildrose, thanks for sharing.
    Annie Ups the Ante


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      Good for you!


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        Pretty funny story. Once I saw that it's easy to break into sliding glass doors because they can actually flex. Just push and they flex enough to unlock. I showed that to my mom on her glass door. She got one of those little bolts for the bottom after that.
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