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Going Primal without a gall bladder?

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  • Going Primal without a gall bladder?

    I'm currently on day 4 of my primal journey, but suddenly remembered that when my gall bladder was removed, I was told not to eat too much fat. I'm not entirely sure why, and I haven't given it much thought until now because the absence of this body part hasn't affected my life in any way so far. My diet wasn't really low fat before and consisted of lots of chocolate, so I'm guessing I'm ok?

    So my question is: Is anyone else here going primal without a gallbladder? Is there anything I should watch for that might be different to someone with all their organs?

    Thanks to those more knowledgeable about this than I am :-)

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    It’s been so long since my gallbladder was removed—ten or eleven years ago—it didn’t occur to me until reading introductions last night that it’s supposed to be an issue. For the first few years I did have trouble with milk, fried foods, and raw vegetables. I also developed IBS issues that went from one extreme to another. It was a pretty miserable time for me, overall. Now I wonder how much the CW (conventional wisdom) of my doctors who told me to eat moar whole–grain fiber prolonged my recovery.

    For the past five years, at least, I’ve been a dedicated consumer of fat from, at first, the standpoint of going back to university and consuming all the calories I could get without paying any attention to food quality to my current lifestyle of conscious, clean eating. Despite dropping almost all grain consumption and my precious psyllium tablets, my digestion is better than ever. As with anything that anyone says regarding health, your mileage may vary.


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      My mom had hers out over a decade ago and has trouble with veggies. They go right through her, but then... most stuff does.
      --Trish (Bork)


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        Hmmmmm, I haven't had a gallbladder since the 90s and a patched up spleen from a car wreck last month. I am on day 9 and so far in the restroom, things seem to be business as usual. I can't imagine extra fat for these organs can be any worse than what I was doing myself with my processed carb diet. I am staying in a wait and see mode...


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          I had my gallbladder out twenty-five years ago. Never had a problem. Been low carb for six years now with a stronger tendency to primal during the last two years or so. No problems either. If you want to be super-cautious, up your fats slowly, that is an advice that I have frequently heard on forums. Good luck!


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            Thanks everyone. So far so good. Will see how things go.