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    I read with interest the books of Mark Sisson. English is NOT my native language. I want something like a schedule for meals (morning, afternoon, evening, snacks...). I'm complete newbie.



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    Out of curiosity, why do you want a schedule?


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      What is your native language? I'm pretty sure there are quite a few multi-lingual posters here, and maybe someone can help you out in whatever language you are most comfortable with. New information is difficult enough to absorb without having to mentally translate everything too. And heaven forbid you trust google translate - you'll be eating bedsheets and living heavy ducklings...


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        I don't think you really need a schedule... in fact, part of PB eating is sort of just following your hunger, and eating when you need to. I find it simplest to just stick to three meals a day... but some people eat fewer.

        I don't think too many people eating primally snack (but I could be wrong... I guess there are a few ). If you eat enough fat/protein etc. in each meal you should be satisfied for several hours, and thus have no need to snack. A feeling of genuine hunger (hopefully after a few hours) is generally a sign that you need another meal.

        Usually I have no need to eat before 5 or more hours has passed since my last meal, although I try not to eat my evening meal too late in the evening.