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Just came off a fast, then itchy spot.... :(

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  • Just came off a fast, then itchy spot.... :(

    So, I was feeling really good yesterday and so decided to start a 24 hour fast. Made it to lunch time today, no problem. No feeling bad, just smooth sailing, clear headed, and great.

    Lunch today was some goose liver pate, an avocado (w/some redish salt that I bought at a salt mine, haven't used it before), and then at the last minute, some wonderful Austrian Butter.

    About an hour later, I was a tad bit headachy/dizzy, then a little while after that, this spot on my back itched like crazy (it sometimes does) but this was more than normal, and then my forearms itched.

    Am sooooo hoping that I'm not allergic to the butter. Or the avocado. Perhaps it might have been something in the pate? (I didn't make it...)

    Anyway, was wondering for those of you with food allergies, when you've come off a fast have allergic reactions been more noticable?