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Anyone ever had hernia surgery? having surgery for one monday

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  • Anyone ever had hernia surgery? having surgery for one monday

    Its right in the center of my abs really small doesn't even hurt even when I'm lifting weights. But doc thinks I should get it taken care of now. Just wondering if anyone has had minor hernia repair and what I should expect during recovery like after a few weeks could you go back to lifting just like before? Did you have any problems with foods afterwards.

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    I'd advise you to avoid an old-school "open" tension procedure (probably not under consideration for a small ventral hernia). A typical laparoscopic mesh repair will leave you with 3 small abdominal holes (navel & 2 bilaterally) and minor pain from the mesh attachment itself--probably 1-2 weeks recovery wrt general activity, but I can't speak to direct targeted stress such as lifting. There is a Hernia Institute in Pennsylvania that claims to specialize in low-impact repair and very quick turnaround; sometimes patients fly in and out same day. This is not a testimonial, as I have no direct experience with them, but you may want to read up on Dr. Goodyear's methods, which are supposedly even less invasive than laparoscopy.
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      Either way it will suck and you won't ever be the same, not drastically, just sayin' you probably could achieve the 98% recovery range, its the 2% that really sucks..........
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        I had hernia surgery, I recovered fine and lifting weights afterwards wasn't an issue. I wasn't allowed to lift anything heavy for 4 weeks though (perhaps longer) and I could barely walk around the first few days. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore