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Two weeks in and I'm a little bummed.....

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    Tomorrow I'm going to post a snapshot showing the chart of my weight loss. Lots of flat weeks, and weeks showing gained weight. It's plausible for you to show similar results. A pound a week is pretty average for me, especially lately. Don't be discouraged! We're all getting there!
    48, 5'11" - SW 301 (01/08/12) - CW 217.5 (5/14/13) - GW 185 +2.6% this week. -27.7% total. -83.5 lbs. (so far!)

    "Today when you mention "barbeque" people will think about throwing a hotdog or a couple burgers on the grill. But if you invite me to a "barbeque" and there's not some sort of slow-smoked meat involved, I'll hope you step on a Lego." - member Javin007


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      I started slow and have hit road bumps along the way, but I truly believe if it comes off slowly, it stays off. You have to think long term! I have more than 50lbs to lose still and I have already lost more than 20. I do understand the impatience... really, I do. This is definitely the right way to eat though and it will work (for weight loss and so much more) if you stick it out!


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        Can you give us an idea of your average day looks like (food and drink wise)?