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    Good luck with this. I hope you can get it resolved with taking drastic measures.

    Here is my story: We had neighbors like this. Dogs barking all day and night and pooping all over our yard, loud music, garbage all over our yard, broken sewer pipe that sprayed their waste all over their yard but stunk up the whole neighborhood, etc. Once, while I was working third shift, their alarm clock started going off at 2pm and didn't stop until I pounded on their door at almost 3. They put their alarm clock next to a window nearest my house (windows open, of course) and went to sleep on the other side of the house. They said they didn't hear it. I absolutely hated them.

    No amount of reason worked with them. I asked them to keep their dogs out of our yard or at least pick up the poop from our yard. They told me that their yard was too small for the dogs and they needed room to run. They seemed to go out of their way to annoy me after that.

    As an added bonus, after we asked them to be quiet and respectful of our property (before we involved authorities), things just got worse. They went out of their way to be jerks. We had our porch light shot out, our shed and house hit with a paintball gun (only on their side of our house ), they rode their four wheeler through our yard. Without video evidence, there was nothing anyone could do.

    Protect yourself. Document everything. We had to move to get away from the BS. If you want to make a complaint to animal control, videotape the dog barking. Put your camera in the room you work in and record the noise you have to listen to. In my county, without evidence, all the noisy neighbors had to do was show up in court and dispute a noise ticket and the matter was dropped. Call your local animal control to find out what you need to do.


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      Call Animal Services. No dog should be left, unattended for 9 hours.
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        I would leave a note signed with something like "a caring neighbor" letting them know how unhappy the dog is and letting them know that you will be calling the authorities next time. Possibly let them also know other times that noise is causing you problems. If they attempt to make it better, try to work with them. They may be really nice people who figure that kids make noise and don't notice or are simply oblivious for some other reason. If you can't get any relief there, call animal control and let your landlord know about the disturbances and that you will be moving. My bet is that if you are bothered, then so are others.

        FWIW, I have a malamute that howels quite loudly whenever she is left home alone, but I wouldn't know as I'm not home. We found out early one black Friday as we snuck out to hit a sale and left our newly adopted teen at home sleeping. She was awakened by the horrible noise and our plan was ruined. Luckily we don't live close enough to bother any neighbors, but there ya go - it could happen to anybody


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          Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
          In my last apartment complex we weren't allowed to have dogs. A neighbor moved in with a yappy Pomeranian. After night 3, I got fed up. I left them a note that simply read, "If you don't shut that god damn thing up, so help me I'll EAT IT!"

          They moved a week later.

          good job!!
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