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Getting sick more often on Primal?

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  • Getting sick more often on Primal?

    I don't know if it is a coincidence or what but since starting Primal in March of this year I get sick WAY more often. This morning I woke up with my 4th bad colds/viruses since starting. The last 3 were since June, so summer months when normally we NEVER get sick. I have 2 kids and every single time one of them has had the crud in the last 6 months I have had had it too. I used to get sick maybe once or twice a year. I am pretty much 95% primal compliant and avoid gluten 100% of the time. What the heck?

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    That does seem strange. The only thing I can think of, is that if your body is releasing stored toxins (are you dropping weight) it might be overwhelmed, and thus liable to whatever bug comes knocking. Maybe you just need to reach a new normal?


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      I also seem to be getting sick more on primal. Before I went primal, I can't remember the last time I was sick, but I got some kind of flu or cold shortly after going primal (fever, sore throat, the works), and just a few days ago I got a cold sore which I usually get right before I get sick, so we'll see if I get sick again.

      I've also lost a lot of weight (over 180lbs now), but the majority of weight I lost was before going primal when my body was theoretically releasing just as many stored toxins as it is now.

      So yeah, I don't know. It could be a fluke. I focus now on making sure that I'm getting a big enough variety and quantity of vitamins & minerals from the food I eat. And I'm really hoping that getting sick isn't just something we have to expect.


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        I haven't had so much as a sniffle since going Primal. I think you have something else going on that is taking your defenses down. Are you sleeping well? Kids with the crud are not good for letting you get your Zs. That is a sure fire way to let your immune system get stressed and vulnerable. Also are you getting enough vitamin D? When it's really hot it's easy to stay inside too much just like when it's really cold.


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          Are you getting enough natural vitamin C from raw vegetables and fruit? We can't manufacture it so it must come from food.


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            And is all your food from clean sources?
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              nope if anything i am less often sick. i used to get sinus infections and so forth all the time and haven't had a single one in about 6 months, knock on wood!

              i hope you figure it out and get better *hands you a kleenex*


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                Put me down on the list of people getting sick less often, and with less severity. I hope things improve for you!


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                  My food is clean, veggies and fruits organic and we buy pastured meat in bulk from local farms. I dropped Vit. D supplementation over the summer because we live in a hot climate and are at the lake or in the pool multiple times a week. I only wear a little zinc based sunscreen on my face and do not burn so I am pretty sure I am fine in that regard. Maybe I will pick that up again. I know I eat very little fruit, mostly just some berries occasionally. I used to eat a ton of fruit and juiced daily. I might go back to juicing some greens, etc and see if that helps. I have dropped about 30 lbs in this timeframe, but am not trying to actively lose anymore though I am still dropping an occasional pound here and there. I wonder if working out at the gym has something to do with it. Touching the gross gym floor, etc. during boot camp classes? I sleep pretty well, 10p-7am with the very occasional deviation from that for a special event. The good news it that this cold, which knocked me out for most of yesterday, seems to be on its way out already! I pummeled it with zinc and vit. c all day yesterday.


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                    I've only gotten sick once since going primal 1 year ago. Last winter, my family was down for 2-3 weeks, I got whatever they had, but was back up and running in a week, and I never felt as bad as they did. We'll see how this winter goes.


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                      since ditching grains 3 years ago, i have not been sick once. no sniffles, no colds, no coughs, when previously they had plagued me all year, all my life.

                      if you are vitamin d deficient, it's hard to get your reserves back up, just from supps, or even just from the sun. get your levels checked.

                      is your diet full of variety? you don't need fruit -- i eat berries once or twice per week at most.

                      you may also want to start using a neti pot regularly. the irrigations keep bugs from getting too comfy in your nasal passages. if you do come down with something, it will clear out the cold much more quickly than cw meds.
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                        I do have a neti pot but I only remember to use it when I am stuffed up! I think I will get my Vit. D checked and start taking Vit. C daily. We get a produce box every week that is local, seasonal, organic and different every week so I do get a large variety of veggies. I definitely do not eat enough dark leafy greens in the summer though because we get SO many all winter that I am kind of sick of them by the warmer months.


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                          maybe you developed seasonal allergies?


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                            Primal is not magic... people still get sick. Are you under a lot of stress, or not sleeping well? Those things will have just as much impact on your immune system, if not more, than eating primally.
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                              my experience is thus

                              when you reach a certain level of un-health the body does one of two things... it shunts the shit into adipose tissue to hide it and says fuck it. or you die.

                              if the later, game over, if the former then as your health improves you get a wonderful bonus... the ability to experience what you ignored in your past (lives?)

                              for me it comes in the form of mysterious fevers and lovely lime green snot out of no where... or the oddest muscle cramps etc. Additionally i get to relive in one way or another every negative emotion that i shunted away in a random fashion.

                              yes regaining health can mean illness... which is why it is important to take prophylactic care for as long as needed. what does that mean....

                              not a day goes by without my vitamin C lemon-aid ( a shot of lemon juice, a dash of stevia, a teaspoon of ascorbic acid )
                              i take high doses of vitamin D
                              I take pregnonolone and DHEA
                              I drink organic salmon oil
                              I eat as much sulfur as i can stand ( it makes me hulk smash angry so there is always a public safety advertisement before hand).

                              result, shit passes quickly...

                              oh yeah and dont forget the Magnesium ( speaking of shit)

                              bottom line,
                              If you didnt piss it out, shit it out, cry it out, sweat it out or respirate it out..... it is still in your body somewhere... they dont call it anal retentive for nothing

                              btw vitamin d, solgar, 10,000 iu.... eat two bottles in 5 days and call me in the morning
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