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  • Minnesota!

    Growing up in Northern MN seemed like miles awhile from everything else (because it is), which went from the thing I hated most about it to the thing I love most about it (-30 degrees in January is a close 2nd to most hated). Funny how priorities change...

    A good portion of my meat is caught/hunted. Catching fish out of a clean stream/river/lake and bringing it home to throw on the lucky am I!! Little too hot for fishing...take a break and go for a swim. Ice-fishing allows for fish to be caught in winter as well.

    The 1000's of deer roaming all around me that will soon be hunted - they are eating out of the forrest. No worry if they are grass-fed/corn-fed. Grouse, pheasants, ducks, small game if I wanted it....I can hunt basically out my back door.

    Asparagus and berries grow wild. My yard has apple trees (which taste nothing like store bought which is a good thing), as well as enough room for a huge garden with plenty of veggies I can eat the day they are picked.

    Had to share what a perfect place it is to live primal - from a eating standpoint, Winters are harsh! I'll need to look back at this post mid-January and remind myself why i love it again