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    Originally posted by <archer> View Post
    This small member of the Paleo community needs some encouragement and help.
    I have a little bit of a different story. I'm a high performing athlete (triathlon) and have been trying for almost a year now to follow Paleo/Primal guidelines. Here's the problem. I'm still in Highschool, living under my parents roof. So thats why I've been only trying to go Paleo, becuase I haven't got very far. It doesn't help when Mom buys cookies, icecream, etc. By the time I get done with school and workout, I have zero willpower left. It's like I have a willpower quota, and at that point in the day it just wears out. It's also so ingrained to me that I eat what I'm served, and unfortunately last night that was pizza, a meal that occurs at least every other week. We have pasta often as well. I ask her to not buy those things, and print out recepies of things I'd like to try--and even cook sometimes. But then Dad complains about there being "no food in the house" and "am I on a diet or something?!" (as an aside, their both fairly healthy. Healthy weight range, exercise semi regularyly, and generally happy) But becuase of my parents food choices, my stomach hurts all the time. All. The. Time. I don't want to be blaming them. I mean, they work everyday so that I can eat, be clothed, go to school... I'm grateful for them. But I don't know how to change them so I can change me.
    So, yes, I'm digging for encouragement and help. But this is a community, and this member is falling.

    Have you told your mom that the food makes your stomach hurt?
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