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    We have pull up bar, a bar door frame ones, we have a rented flat so we can't screw it in place but in order to keep it from slipping we have to keep tightening. It has made a bit of a dint in the door frame, anyone have any experience with preventing it, I want to keep doing my pull up work out but don't want to kill the door frame. Thanks!

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    You can't screw it in place, or can't leave marks where it was screwed in place? Screw holes are pretty easily fixable, especially when the paint is white.

    If your bar is like mine, there's a hook over the top of the frame on one side, then braces on the other side, and that's where you pull. You can try adding some padding, or even thin strips of wood to take the pressure rather than having it go into the doorframe.


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      look at an "iron gym"

      I have one and it works great.