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    Is it possible that a fall five months ago caused some damage to my left foot that is only now making itself known?

    At the end of March, I caught the toe of my right shoe in a crack in the sidewalk and fell over on my left side. At the time, I ended up with a scraped left knee and a goose egg on my left temple (thank God I have a hard skull; no problems from that other than a black eye).

    A couple of weeks ago, I noticed at work that my left foot was swollen; it gradually became somewhat painful to walk on, feeling as if someone had stepped on my foot and bruised it.

    I thought it had to do with sitting too long at work, but taking breaks and walking around the office hasn't made a difference. Less salt in my diet hasn't made a difference either. My foot is much less swollen in the mornings (after a night's sleep) but becomes more so as I get up and move around.

    Thinking I might somehow have gotten a stress fracture, I went to the doctor's and got an x-ray and will see the doctor about that the end of this coming week.

    As someone terribly out of shape, I have been trying to walk more, but I have not been doing any kind of activity that would, as far as I know cause a stress fracture, unless I kicked the wall next to my bed in my sleep.

    So I am wondering if what happened in March would have done something.


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    If you slept funny, you might've aggravated something caused by the initial fall (getting out of alignment). A chiropractor might be able to tell you if you need an alignment (yes, like a car). Being out of alignment can cause all kinds of things, like headaches, or constipation, so a swollen foot is possible.
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      Sometimes stress fractures "just happen.". My daughter had one a couple of years ago and couldn't remember doing anything out of the ordinary, other than her 3 year old son stepping on her foot.


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        Hmm. Chiropractic is obviously beneficial for back and neck problems caused by bad alignment of the spine, but I never thought of alignment problems extending farther than that. However, since everything is connected . . .

        Thanks for pointing out the obvious! :-)



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          I broke two toes years ago, and it was easily 3-4 years after when I was still getting occasional twinges from them. I'd say maybe. You could have had a hairline fracture and then made it worse recently, or something.


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            If I eat something that I'm intolerant of old injuries flare up. Have you recently added anything to your diet or started eating it in large quantities? (For me it's starches) Or is there anything else you can think of that you've changed, not just foot related? I agree that it may also be due to something else being out of alignment, which may be showing up in your foot due to a change in your posture. Icing and elevation help me when I get flares.
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