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44 Pelicans Grokkin' on the dock

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  • 44 Pelicans Grokkin' on the dock

    I had never seen so many Brown Pelicans diving and hunting for fish as I did yesterday late afternoon. (Brown Pelicans can only get food by flying and then diving to catch it.) It was an amazing feeding frenzy that went on for hours.

    This morning I looked outside and there were pelicans all over my dock and on the south seawall. I counted 44 of them. After some chores I sat outside in the sun shirtless and watched them.

    Suddenly I realized that I was observing what we think our Grok did. Pig out, then sit around, sleeping, yawning. Only a few went hunting. Then I realized that they were also taking the Vitamin D off of their feathers!

    Smart critters.