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  • Primal Guest Speaker At My School

    Just wanted to share an interesting experience! I'm a junior in college right now double majoring in Psychology and Business Management. I have a class called Human Cognitive Processes in which we learn about the biological basis for what goes on in our mind. We had a guest speaker last class. The guy has a PhD in Bioinformatics. He was a very knowledgable speaker that talked about topics relevant to our class.

    Anyway, I was waiting around after class to speak with the Professor. I overheard the guest speaker speaking to a student about how we as humans are designed to be fat adapted. Based on what I overheard him talking about with this student, I knew right away that this guy obviously does not follow SAD, so I decided to listen in. It turns out he does follow the Paleo diet, and he gave me some real life tips on it. It was really cool to meet another person who believes in this way of life. But what was even "cooler" was the fact that this guy had a PhD in a very relevant field that I believe makes him at least somewhat authoritative on this subject.

    I know that there is so much research online that proves this way of eating is correct. However, it was just awesome meeting someone else who believes in it! I just wanted to share this interesting experience!