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  • i am looking forward to it as i need a break. i am waiting on some work stuff right now so i am home as my sheeping got cancelled. i did get to the see my fave sheep dog as it came around on the back of the bike to tell me. my naughty hound went bounding out barking with his hackles up, took one look and actually instantly obeyed me and went back inside when i said "in" lol i was also facing a bit of a riot as the kids wanted to bunk off school to chase sheep with the assistance of the fat spotty pony which could potentially have been mayhem. what do you think btw gwamma about if you can see the future? i have seen things, if i can see it, i know. then there are things like tarot, astrology, tea leaves etc which IMO are all just vehicles.


    • Good grief you are all very deep and meaningful today. I'm far too busy to think much about anything right now, its been one of those days when you finish one task and then another falls in your lap. Having a lul right now while I wait for the gasfitter to come fix our boiling water - no cuppa until then, boo! I also need to dash out and fix an alarm for one of my peeps but its hosing with rain, so that can wait too.

      Zoe - good work with the little man. Its good when something goes right and then you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

      Hye Gwamma - you staying away from those sweeties so far this week? (yes I'm hassling you but with the best of intentions)

      Mmmmm pork roast for tea tonight. Looking forward to that. Need to go and google some cauli and broccoli recipes to with the roast too. My garden has been producing masses of these and you can only have them with cheese sauce so many times in one week. Had them roasted in olive oil with garlic last night, was very nice.


      • Spaghetti with slow-cooked cauliflower & broccoli recipe from Cuisine Magazine you'd obviously need to ditch the pasta or go for something like julienned zucchini instead but you could use it as a starting point. i like hollandaise sauce with broccoli but have yet to try it with cauliflower. blue cheese is nice with cauliflower too but not sure how blue cheese and roast pork go.
        i am planning on doing something with this recipe for dinner which has broccoli in Italian Cream Cheese Chicken Casserole {recipe} | Naturally Knocked Up as i have lots of chicken broth right now. i was going to use cauliflower instead of the pasta somehow and use cream instead of the cream cheese. you could potentially do it with pork i reckon too.
        gone from blazing hot sun to howling dark gale here in the last 30.


        • Thanks for those ideas seaweed. I made a lovely bake the other night using cream cheese and sour cream as the sauce. I browned mince with onions and garlic and a little chilli, added lots of mushrooms a little beef stock reduction and diced capsicum. Then I stirred through the cream cheese and sour cream to make a sauce, tipped this over a dish of steamed broc/cauli and covered with grated cheese, baked for 20 mins. Served with fresh broad beans from the garden. Superb!


          • yum! sorta like a mince strogonoff but without the paprika? my kids like mince and i have some in the fridge so i will try that tomorrow night. would prob be good with potato or kumara wedges too. or even with some baked potatoes. satisfy my little carb addicts. i could even mince in some heart lol poor kids.


            • I think I have a winner:

              broccoli salad | Jamie Oliver | Food | Recipes (UK)


              • yes that looks pretty yummy. it looks like it would be nice with cauliflower as well. report back what it was like. no bacon in my house right now but i am shopping tomorrow.


                • Hello Kiwi's

                  I live in Western Australia however was born across the water in Hamilton. Been living in WA since 1975.

                  Good to see this link and the chatter.

                  I've been on the 30 day Paleo challenge for about 20 days with great results, love the food, the concept and the results.
                  Ana-Tane = (Cave Man)


                  • Originally posted by seaweed View Post
                    what do you think btw gwamma about if you can see the future?
                    Not sure about this one Seaweed. i certainly don't believe in Mumbo jumbo.......however I have watched a couple of sensing murder, and it does intrigue me. I used to listen to my "gut feeling" all the time, but then a few huge mistakes were I don't tend to take notice of it the jury is still out

                    Originally posted by Lizzielou View Post
                    Hye Gwamma - you staying away from those sweeties so far this week? (yes I'm hassling you but with the best of intentions)
                    LL I have been very good sweet and grain wise, so far this week. Not so good wine wise, and have had a wee bit of cream in my coffee each day. I have also upped the exersize this week, and feel one hell of a lot better for

                    Originally posted by Ana Tane View Post
                    Hello Kiwi's
                    Welcome Ana - sounds like you are having great success with your whole 30.....well done you
                    keep us posted on your progress
                    "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                    ...small steps....


                    • Yeah, it's been great. Because we live in one big room (no door between us and the kiddo), and I didn't give him a heads up before, he was frctious about it. Now, since I told him how it's going to go, he's all kinds of mellow about it. He's like "cool, this is the order of business." It's so much easier on him when there is an order of business.

                      Thus, I made a little sheet of "order of business" in the morning with little pictures (DH drew the pictures). I'm not at all crafty, but I managed this. LOL it says "morning" and "evening" (two sheets). In the morning it says: Toilet, Eggs and veg, berries and yogurt, brush teeth, dress, shoes, away we go! In the evening it says: berries and yogurt, pjs, brush teeth, toilet, stories, and bed time!

                      We had both laminated (that only cost $2), and I also found some stars online and put them on a page, cut them out, and had them laminated too. Got some velcro buttons, and put those on the cart.

                      See how crafty I am? LOL

                      Now, he can put a star next to the activity that he does as he finishes, and then at the end, we count them up, and when he gets 30 stars, he gets to choose a fun activity from his "coupon book" which we made for him a little while ago for his special "hawk days."

                      See, that's, like, two crafts.


                      • Originally posted by zoebird View Post
                        See, that's, like, two crafts.
                        You are really branching out Zoe!
                        Annie Ups the Ante


                        • all those sticker charts and rewards never worked for us but my oldest was big on them for a while with the grand daughter. i think at the end of the day, a united front on the parental front ( ie both parents ), consistency and fairness of rules and peace and harmony at home go a very long way. feeling totally rinsed today. not sure why as i was in bed early and up late. i am training today too so that is going to be a challenge. last week we did HIIT sorta with weights which was horrendous. "press up ladder" for example. what you do is do 1 proper press up at the end of the mat. jump up, turn around move swiftly to the other end of the mat. do 2 proper press ups. jump up. turn around and move swiftly to the other end of the mat again. do 3 proper press ups etc till you hit 10 proper pressups. 20 lunges with 15kg weights in either hand that sort of thing and then stright into dumbbell clean and press followed by lateral raises. so this week, i think we will do huge weights slowly lol gonna concentrate on lower back, do some curtsey lunges, machine shrugs for upper traps. few more lunges. one legged smith squats and leg press maybe.


                          • Wow seaweed I got exhausted just reading your post! Seriously slack in the exercise department here but I have my appointment with the specialist about my toe next week, hopefully I'll get a better idea about what I can and cannot do after that.

                            What I can't do today is move. I friggin tweaked my back again yesturday afternoon and now have the most awful muscle spasm in my lower back. The good news is the last two times I did this I ended up passed out in an ambulance and on diazepam, so I'm doing better than that. Just feeling annoyed with myself today and of course the usual tearfulness I get with pain. I couldn't even tell my DH what I had done because I feel like such a winger, he noticed anyway when I was struggling to get stuff in the dishwasher this morning. So I'm telling all of you instead LOL! Off for a massage this afternoon which should help the spasm and I stocked up on painkillers on the way to work so I'm good to go. Stupid, stupid, stupid friggin back. (it feels better to say that)


                            • Since we don't work in a punishment/reward system, this isn't a rewards system.

                              The first is more like a "check list." DS likes to know what the plan is for the day, and then follow through on the plan. That makes him feel safe. If we don't follow through on the plan, he feels really disappointed. So, what we are doing is creating a plan for him to follow and a way for him to 'tick off' things on the list so that he can't claim that X didn't happen (which he is currently claiming every now and again).

                              Also, since I gave him a run-down two nights ago of our process, he went to bed on his own. I did the same yesterday, and he went to bed on his own again! He was a bit more mussy (messing around in bed), but at least DH and I got to eat before the window closed! And, he fell asleep around 8:00, which was good (both nights at 8:00!).

                              The chart gives him a run-down so that we know that we are moving through our activities. This first one was such a hit last night (a bit less so this morning because we switched berries and egg eating, putting the eggs first!), but he enjoyed "starring" off his list.

                              This gave us the idea to put out our weekly schedule as well (monday -- clean home AM; PM swimming; Tuesday -- girlfriend play date; afternoon park; etc). And, we're looking at doing something similar for our holiday as well -- since it's the long holiday and DH and I need to plan (not just the holiday/vacation, but when the school is on holiday and our schedule is wonked!).

                              I think it gives him a little more stability emotionally -- he knows what is coming.

                              The coupon book is a way for us to stay organized. DH and I were brainstorming the "DS day" (which I wrote about before), and we came up with about 100 different ideas. Maybe more. LOL Anyway, I thought I would craft them out (i got started already), and we'll have them laminated for re-use, and then he can use them on his day. We divided them into meals, treats and snack/beverages, outside activities, inside activities. They are color-coded so that we can easily tell which are which.

                              These are then put into their own envelopes, with an extra for "used" coupons. On DS's day, we'll look at the weather and then sit down with him in the AM and have him make decisions in terms of what he wants: lunch, snack, and two activities (indoor or outdoor depending upon the weather). Activities include things like "going to the park" and "going to the pool" and other free activities as well as ones that cost money like "bowling" and "movie."

                              Since it includes things like "extra play time with daddy/mommy," we thought we would open it up "randomly" when DS seems to be feeling particularly good or going through his check lists well.

                              I think it will be interesting to put all of these laminated things up on the wall in the kitchen though. One corner is all buddhist stuff (basics of buddhism), and then we'll have a kitchen full of . . . yeah. LOL Maybe I'll get some contact paper in black to make a big chalk board calendar thingy instead.


                              • lizzielou,

                                lets do a skype relatively soon, and I can give you some daily yoga movies that can help with your back. No more than 5-10 minutes of movies that you can do first thing in the morning (after peeing, of course! LOL), and then you should help make your back stronger and less prone to these things, while also reducing pain.