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  • G where are you?! How did the sharks go?


    • Well, thought I'd resurrect a bit.

      Our family is looking forward to Matariki. The kiddo's class has a cool event coming up. The planetarium is bringing a bunch of telescopes up hill and giving an astronomical presentation around Matariki, and then we sing songs and head back to the school where there's a play and more songs and then a morning tea. I'm really excited about it.

      It's a pretty swank life there. Beautiful walks along the harbour to/from work. 2 yoga classes/wk. swimming and home yoga. walking all over. a massage and acupuncture every week. So awesome. Also, we moved to a new apartment that is warm and dry! yay!


      • I have fond memories of my travels in NZ, such friendly people everywhere.

        Hiking in fiordland was an amazing experience.


        • It's been a long time since this tread was active -- where is everyone?


          • It has been a long time Zoe, Gwamma dropped out and she was the one who kept it going. Nice that you are back in NZ and enjoying the lifestyle.
            Annie Ups the Ante


            • Hi guys, just popped in to say hi and I hope you are all well and living life to the full !
              This old Gwamma is still just plodding along. I have finally done the full circle and back to eating in a very paleo way, although after a recent trip to Thailand, have incorporated a weeny bit of rice I to my diet. Not much - just a weeny bit.
              I hope you are all well. and I miss you all like crazy!!!!!!! I am still drinking far too much Pinot noir, still as lazy as Sh-t, BUT am finally losing the weight !!!!! Only 7 kgs down, and still 20+ to go, but hey - life is actually about enjoying and living !!!!!!! So this old Gwamma is just chillaxing and making the most of every day.
              I so hope you guys are all doing the same
              Miss you
              Xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx
              "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

              ...small steps....


              • Our own little Kiwi Thread !

                Hey G! Good to see you be alive and kicking!

                I was watching some YouTube videos from a guy doing some aquaponics down in your part o the globe.. just last night, and was wondering how you were doing.... lol and behold here ye be!

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                • hi Gwamma and Annie!

                  doing well here. taking a really 'balanced' approach to life these days. Lots of enjoyable things -- swimming, working the business, doing yoga, hanging out with my kid (swimming with him 2x a week), hiking and going to the beach, and overall just having a great time.

                  it's school holidays, so my son and i have been having a lot of fun in the spring sunshine. We went to the local water slide pool (3 slides and a river ride and wave pool), we went to the movies, and just have been having a good time.

                  We're gearing up -- DS and I -- to do some open-water swimming this summer *and* perhaps a little race (i will do 1k; DS will do 200M). We have a lot of fun together in the pool and his swimming is fab!

                  So that's me.


                  • HIYA GWAMMA. Welcome back!!! Great progress on the weight loss, great philosophy to make the most of every day. I hope you will hang around here more, these boards can get a bit serious and I know you will be able to fix that
                    Annie Ups the Ante