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  • Hi All

    Great to find a NZ thread! im 40, live in the beautiful Naki, with my 2 kids and husband, lost 53 kgs to date, love Primal!
    Question - can kids do Primal? mine still eat grains etc...


    • My kid is primal, but he does have grains at kindy (tamari rice balls and gluten-free buns). I'll also let him have them if he's out and about and with other people, because he'll eat anything. But he's basically 95% primal. He's 4.

      In terms of weightloss, there are a lot more factors that diet. sleep, stress levels, and your overall hormonal situation. Also, calculating daily might actually help to make sure you are in the right place every day. It's sort of an accountability thing.

      Also, it can go in waves.


      • Hi all. Another Kiwi here. I have been basically following the primal way of eating for about 6 months now.
        To my delight I have dropped 25kgs. Amazing way of eating. In 6 mths I have only had 2 slices of raisin bread & 1 wrap.
        Can't believe I don't miss grains like I thought I would. Still have 30 odd kgs to lose, but it is not diffucult with this awesome food I eat.


        • Originally posted by Kiwichick View Post
          Hi All

          Great to find a NZ thread! im 40, live in the beautiful Naki, with my 2 kids and husband, lost 53 kgs to date, love Primal!
          Question - can kids do Primal? mine still eat grains etc...
          Hi - I'm in the Naki too! Yay, 53kgs is amazing. Kids can do primal but I think most of us agree that we want them to make the move themselves rather than forcing it on them. My husband refuses to do primal, he thinks I'm a freak and following some fad, and there is no way that a 37 year old, 6ft2in 85kg male could possibly survive on anything other than pasta, potatoes, rice and bread. I do eat the same meals as they do though, just with a few adaptions for my plate, like extra vege instead of pasta, or kumara instead of potato, and sometimes they end up eating primal meals without even noticing.

          NZBee- You need to stop that sugar in your coffee (and you know it), you could try a few drops of stevia instead? Perhaps try a pedometer to see those walking distances and then work on increasing your weekly amounts. I wear one all the time and its just habbit to put it on in the morning, I aim for around 10000 steps each day or 70000 per week. Be really careful about high calorie foods even if they are primal - some of that primal baking is still very calorific, dark choc still has some carb content, nuts are very easy to overdo also.


          • My husband refuses to do primal, he thinks I'm a freak and following some fad,

            Hey there, gosh I giggled when I saw you had typed this - its the same as my mother! She thinks I'm weird doing this!

            Seaweed - sorry I haven't been in contact for a while busy with work and an assignment! Heard your comment about Whole 30 - is it basically what we are doing now but we have to channel our lifestyle?
            What is the website that gives you the basic layout?

            Well I've been good the past few days, well until this morning work up starving and so I had a bowl of cereal and some vogel, sitting here I'm feeling intergestion and yucky tummy - taught me lol
            So will jump back on track! Got to - booked flights for holiday in late jan yesterday so now I'm determand to loose more! I've lost 3kg - but I want more! Also its funny I hate green tea as well, but hearing that have the same view but have become to like it, I have decided to give that a go again - espcially since I'm drinking non-caffine coffee like water at the mo lol


            • Just reading the above comments about husbands and Primal - my husband does a "loose" version of Primal, still eats wheetbix and has cakes when we are out for coffee, but has to eat what i cook at home!
              My sister and her husband are now Primal and are losing weight, i think its going to catch on!
              Does anyone make Kombucha or Kefir?


              • My husband refuses to do primal, he thinks I'm a freak and following some fad
                funny tho that they still expect you to look like you do primal lol one thing i do think the media has done is give people a total false view of appearance vs lifestyle.

                whole 30 is just hard core paleo for 30 days. i think the idea is you have a milestone and it is only for that amount of time. google whole 30 and you should find it. from my pov, it is no different to what i am doing already except the no dairy is a challenge and i dont get to cheat at all.

                dilmah do a lemon grass and lemon green tea which isnt too bad but it's not a cup of coffee. i am also finding coconut cream in my coffee a bit of a mission. the first cup is ok in the morning but then the rest arent so i find i am drinking more coffee as i am not feeling like i have had a cup of coffee. i did really want to see how i feel dairy free so i am dithering about this. i need to calculate how much ghee i need to make a cup of BP coffee equivalent to how much cream i used to have. i do feel ghee is cheating so meh. i will see.

                the thought of both cereal and vogels is quite daunting. thankfully i never did like sliced bread of any kind and only really porridge. now if we lived in europe and i had to deal with not having proper french bread there could be tears lol


                • hello to all - sorry I have been a little preoccupied, but welcome to all the newbies. Its great to have you on board.
                  Seaweed I am willing to do 30 days without dairy, but not sure if I can drop the wine ????? but am willing to give it a go. I also drink coffee, but if that makes a difference we could go 30 without coffee and cream ??!!!! and leave the red for another time - or only have wine on a night that ends in DAY ? LOL
                  "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                  ...small steps....


                  • Does anyone make Kombucha or Kefir?
                    in reply to this. i used to make kombucha back in the day but i find it like a fizzy drink. water kefir is the same. i have never liked fizzy so i didnt really enjoy it and i worried i was givng my kids a fizzy habit. i can so see how it would fit in if you are one of those people who like coke and drink it regularly. kefir i could never keep up with making. i dont like yoghurt on its own. i dont do cereal and i found it too sour to cook with, plus once you heat it up there is no point, so i dont bother. i prob should just drink it but i prefer coffee, just dont tell anyone lol


                    • Seaweed I am willing to do 30 days without dairy, but not sure if I can drop the wine ????? but am willing to give it a go. I also drink coffee, but if that makes a difference we could go 30 without coffee and cream ??!!!! and leave the red for another time - or only have wine on a night that ends in DAY ? LOL
                      lmao maybe i can have a whisky at night too. i can cope without all other dairy other than the coffee thing. i am going to experiment with the next cup and a tsp of ghee or maybe 2. i need to work it out. i dodged the hail of bullets yesterday and had 2 flat whites and 2 long blacks with cream and a handful of brazil nuts and felt oh so queasy lol i do put that down to having to sit on my ass for over 2 hrs in chipmunks tho. i do have to say, if you can dodge the junk food there for kids, it is a good high intensity work out. my youngest went absolute beetroot red from all the running around. i am unfortunately over 12 so i wasnt allowed to join in lol thinking about starting a journal thread for my whole 30.


                      • Seaweed - I can't stand chipmunks! I try to avoid it like the plague, ours is so over crowded and the cafe is just nasty, and my little girl is only 3yrs old and not very confident physically so I'd have to get into the playground with her. No thanks! Yep, a trip to chipmunks would make me queasy too.

                        I've not made keffir or kombucha, but have tried a friends. I don't do sugary drinks at all (my dad was a dentist - what can I say...) and even though there is only a small amount added to these for fermentation and it is supposedly 'pre-digested' I still can't quite bring myself over to it. My kids have a love for soda water though, a wee trick we picked up in Italy when my son was small. We found that eating in restuarants in Italy the standard was a caraffe of red wine and a bottle of sparkling water on the table. So now we have a soda stream machine which we use without any syrup at all.


                        • Dh and I were snappy at each other this morning (over sylvia plath of all things -- mostly, he wasn't paying attention to what I was saying) due to the fasting. It might take a bit to get used to getting enough food in during the window, and in particular, enough fat. We eat until we are stuffed, but it's 10:15 now and I'm getting the old hunger signals. And we were cranky with each other. DS was like "what are you upset about?" lol

                          Essentially, I was sharing with DH a story that my friend posted from her Smith Uni alumnae magazine which described a special friendship between "marty" (marcia) and sylvia plath. I told DH "Oh, I read this interesting article about Sylvia Plath." And I explain how we are uncertain about her overall sexuality, but she had a special relationship with a friend at Smith, whom she notes in many poems and books." And DH goes "our friend Sylvia? she's bi?" And I'm like "Sylvia PLATH!" literally, it was, like, two seconds before he asked about our friend slyvia. I was mad because he wasnt' paying attention. He's weird like that. And he even likes Sylvia Plath. That's why I thought to share it with him. DUH. Men sometimes.

                          Anyway, he freaked out and was like "why do you ahve to be mean like that?!" and I wasn't mean, I was like exasperated. It's about the 5th or 6th time that morning that he asks me a question, then I start to answer, and he doesn't hear it or he asks me to repeat myself or whatever. It's like DUDE.

                          And it's not like it's that hard to stay focused anyway. But, yeah, so there is an adjustment period.

                          In terms of doing Whole30s, my friends often just do a one thing at a time process. Ie, if you want to let go of dairy, just do 30 days without dairy and see how it goes. Then, you might want to move on to wine.

                          I don't get people's preoccupation with wine, honestly. But then, I don't drink any alcohol and never have, so I really don't get any of it. LOL


                          • i do like sparkling mineral water but it is a hot day sort of a drink. most of my non caffeine liquid consumption is either exercise based or heat relevant. first time i have been to chipmunks. i had no control over the destination so had to go. i did try to bunk out to elite fitness which is just down the road to see how much it would cost to hire a flash treadmill but they were shut.


                            • I looked into a treadmill last year at elite - I think they have a sale on just now? I decided it was a preferable option to a gym, because with the kids it would be impossible for me to get to the gym most of the time. But I think it was about $120 a month for a treadmill suitable for running on (they have lots that only do walking that are much cheaper), which is quite a bit more than a gym membership. You have to take the treadmill for a minimum of 3 months, but after that you can just send it back at any time which is better than most gym memberships. Anyway I procrastinated so much that it never happened.

                              Zoebird- men just don't listen do they? Then they act like it was all your fault (because they didn't listen). The other night I asked my husband to help our son with his reading homework while I was cooking tea. He left it until the last possible moment, Angus started whining and trying to get out of it, and my husband turns to me and says 'look what you've done now'! Like it was MY problem..........


                              • i dont think there is any point walking on a treadmill unless you really have severe health issues which make it beneficial. my plan had been to hire a flash treadmill for the summer holidays. i can go to the gym once a week if i go see the personal trainer and bring the kids and i am getting a copy of convict conditioning but i so want to make sure i never ever get that 6 weeks of having my feet nailed to the floor again. i also would be able to get that space once a day exercising if i could go for a swift run in the mornings and that is quite priceless during the school hols!

                                i am gonna be caffeined off my face today. i have run out of decaff and am just making cup#3 to experiment with ghee. you see there are some downsides to giving up dairy lol